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We want Galloways Pies at the DW Stadium, Wigan on matchdays

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The town of Wigan is famous for pies, and this uniqueness should be embraced within the confines of the local football stadium.

Ever since the demise of Pooles’ Pies two years ago, home and visiting football fans have been forced to “enjoy” Hollands Pies of Baxenden on a matchday at a premium price.

Now, there is nothing wrong with Hollands’ Pies. Far from it, they are a staple feature of many a freezer section or chip shop counter across the North of England.

But we are known for our hospitality in our town and our respective football and rugby clubs should be serving up a PROPER WIGAN PIE on a matchday to sports fans, NOT a generic Hollands meat and potato, which you can buy from your local supermarket.

 I could just tell you this without research but I HAVE researched it in my book, Life of Pies ( and having travelled the country in search of the perfect pie, I can tell you that the best meat and potato pies in the country can be found within the fine old borough of Wigan (and also Barrow, but again, let’s not worry about that right now….)

We hereby URGE the powers that be at the DW Stadium, Wigan Athletic and Wigan Warriors to consider providing pies on matchdays made by an AUTHENTIC WIGAN PIE MAKER such as Galloways

Nearly half a million people watch sport at the DW Stadium during the course of a year.

If each of them got a pie each, this could represent close to a million pounds going directly into a local Wigan business rather than to some mass producers of frozen pies from elsewhere.

The sports clubs of Wigan therefore owe it to the community within which they draw their support to provide a proper pie on matchdays, with the added kudos of being identified as a town that provides decent match day grub for travelling spectators once more.

I therefore ask you to sign the petition below and encourage the Wigan sporting hierarchy to do the decent thing:

We, the undersigned, demand that the DW Stadium provides an authentic Wigan pie on matchdays for home and visiting supporters



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