We want Calcutta University Even Semester conduct online Exam

We want Calcutta University Even Semester conduct online Exam

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Why this petition matters

Started by Shah Anwar Ali

Over time, in this epidemic, we have all faced difficult situations. In particular, all the students have the most problems – for which neither the teachers nor the students are responsible.






Due to this epidemic from 2020 till now, according to the decision of the state government and all our Respected universities in the state, all the semester exams have been online so far. We are all really grateful for that. In 2022, we all want the same decision for the next semester of all our Respected universities in the state.






Since the WB government reopened colleges and universities – We all respect this decision of the state government. But at the moment many universities are planning to take offline exams which is not possible in reality now. Because –



Scientists claim that the 4th wave could reach its highest peak on June or july.


COVID cases have increased by 90% in the last few days.



Each semester is 6 months but this semester has only 1-2 months of classes. Some colleges did not have exactly five classes in some departments.


In this short time we cannot be able to complete our entire 6 months offline syllabus because we only have offline classes 2 days or 3 days in a week. (As the days are passing by the teacher also tried to finish the portion fast which some students find difficulties to cope up)



Now there are no hostel facilities for all students on all campuses.


The new Covid XE variant has been spotted which is more transmissible than the previous variant.



It is a fact that lockdown has ruined our habits and it takes time to get back on track.


Some universities are taking SEM exam 2022 in online mode and some in offline mode Some universities have given students the choice to choose between online and offline.( But the same rule should apply to all students )




For all these reasons, we want undergraduate and postgraduate students of all universities, colleges and private and autonomous colleges in West Bengal to take our Undergraduate and Postgraduate Even Semester Examination 2022 in online mode.




We are very worried and anxious about our Even semester exam 2022. So, we request you to take this matter seriously and do the necessary actions as soon as possible.




In such conditions, online exams are not only necessary, they also are the most logical approach. Therefore, we hope that all our Respected universities will take appropriate action for all students and will do justice to all students and conduct online exams.

496 have signed. Let’s get to 500!