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We want an attractive, enclosed and eco-friendly off-leash dog park in North Asheville!

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There is No Place in North Asheville to Exercise Pets Off Leash:  Under a 2003 Buncombe County ordinance, no dog may leave its owner’s premises unless it is on a leash.  The City of Asheville adopted a similar ordinance in 2009 that restricts pets to leashes no longer than 8 feet. As North Asheville currently lacks a public dog park, these ordinances leave many pet owners with no place to exercise their dogs off leash in the community.

A North Asheville Dog Park Will:

Provide Space for Families to Enjoy Their Pets: A North Asheville dog park will allow families with dogs to spend more quality time with their pets and provide a place where people without pets can come to interact with dogs. A dog park may also decrease the number of homeless pets as senior citizens, people with disabilities, and apartment dwellers, who otherwise may not be able to provide adequate exercise for a pet, may be encouraged to adopt.

Enhance the North Asheville Community:  A North Asheville dog park will increase opportunities for residents to interact with their neighbors and will help create a sense of community.  Research also shows that dog parks increase property values and reduce crime in surrounding areas.

Promote Pet Health:  Regular exercise greatly benefits a dog’s health in many ways which leads to longer lives for our beloved pets. Most notably, regular exercise lessens the likelihood of obesity and decreases the discomfort associated with age-related osteoarthritis. Many dogs simply cannot attain adequate exercise on a leash, which greatly limits their space and pace.

Improve Pet Behavior:  The opportunity for our dogs to socialize off leash is very beneficial to the community. Dogs must be off leash in order to use the necessary body language that mitigates aggressive behavior when meeting other dogs and people.  In addition, many dogs need off leash exercise to relieve the stress of constant confinement that can lead to serious behavior problems. Asheville veterinarians also report a higher incidence of behavioral problems in Asheville dogs since the adoption of city and county leash laws.

Please help us create a dedicated space that allows our residents and their canine family members to exercise and socialize, and one that benefits the community as a whole!  To learn more or become involved in our efforts, visit

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