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We want an Arms Trade Treaty that will save lives

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My name is Renu, I'm 30 years old. Five years ago I lost my husband. He was shot dead by security forces on our wedding 1st anniversary  – April 6th. Since that tragic incident I have been trying to piece together my shattered life together with my little son.

I have hope and I believe in the future. That’s why I established a support group for women who have lost loved ones. But that’s not enough to stop this from happening to more women. We have to stop the irresponsible flow of weapons and bullets that fuel the conflict and death in India and worldwide.

We have to stand together and make it clear to our government that India must lead the charge for global rules on the arms trade! India is now one of the world’s largest weapon importers, and as an emerging giant arms exporter it’s crucial that India leads the way in ensuring that none of these weapons end up in the hand of terrorists or human rights violators – at home or abroad.

In 2006 campaigners handed a petition to the UN made up of 1 million faces to show how much people wanted to see this deadly trade controled, this lead to the passing of a resolution where the UN agreed to work on an Arms Trade Treaty.

We still need an Arms Trade Treaty! To stop arms being used to fuel conflict, atrocities and poverty we need global rules regulating this deadly trade.  In the years since we handed this petition to the UN states have forgotten that people want to see this deadly trade controlled.  We need to show them that as many people want an Arms Trade Treaty now as campaigned for it back in  2006.

Join me, sign the petition for a bullet proof arms trade treaty now. And share my story so more people will support us.

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