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We've Had Enough! Stop Republican Obstruction of Judicial Nominees

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Judicial nominations have been the centerpiece of Republican obstruction in Washington. Using every trick at their disposal to filibuster or deny votes to qualified nominees, they’ve created a vacancy crisis on the federal bench that is denying access to justice for countless Americans.

At the beginning of the year, President Obama was forced to re-nominate 42 people whose nominations never received a vote in the previous Congress. As a result, all but four of the confirmation votes during the 112th Congress have been for nominees from the 111th.

The logjam is starting to break with Majority Leader Reid turning up the heat and some confirmation votes taking place, but Americans need to keep pressure on the Senate to do its job: confirm qualified judicial nominees and make sure Americans have a functioning judicial branch.

Take action today to tell the Senate to end the obstruction of judicial nominees.

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