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On Thursday May 24, 2012 Austin City Council voted for big business.

City Council voted 7 to 0 allowing a waiver to the Heritage Tree Ordinance so that the property developer Trammell Crow Company could remove seven heritage trees from the development site at the Green Water Treatment Plant in the very heart of downtown Austin, TX.

These seven heritage trees (six live oaks and one 33" caliper pecan tree) are next to the sidewalks and can easily be saved by incorporating them into the design of the landscape. The trees are within a stones throw of Austin City Hall and the "Margret Hofmann oaks" on Cesar Chavez.

We are committed to following in the footsteps of Austin's Tree Lady, Margret Hofmann, who fought for the heritage tree ordinance as a council member in the 1970's. She was a pioneer in her dedication to trees, and her tireless efforts contributed enormously to the beautiful green city we enjoy today.

Your signature is vital in telling the City and Trammell Crow Company that everyone must abide for the Heritage Tree Ordinance. Vote for the trees and create an Austin that future generations will be proud of!

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Letter to
Austin City Council Bill Spelman
Texas State Representative Mark Strama
Texas State Representative Eddie Rodriguez
and 37 others
Texas State Senator Jeff Wentworth
Texas State Senator Kirk Watson
Austin City Council Laura Morrison
Austin City Council Kathie Tovo
Austin City Council Sheryl Cole
Austin City Council Mike Martinez
Texas State Representative Dawnna Dukes
Texas State Representative Donna Howard
Managing Director, Trammell Crow Houston Company Aaron Thielhorn
Principal, Trammell Crow Austin Company Adam Nims
General Counsel, Trammell Crow Dallas Company Scott Dyche
Chief Investments, Trammell Crow Company Craig Cheney
COO, Trammell Crow Company Michel Duffy
President, Western Operations, Trammell Crow Company John Stirek
CEO, Trammell Crow Company Daniel Queenan
Texas State Representative Elliott Naishtat
Austin City Council Chris Riley
Mayor of Austin Lee Leffingwell
City Council Staff Nancy Williams
City Council Staff Amy Everheart
Sustainability Officer Lucia Athens
Planning and Development Review Department Greg Guernsey
City Manager Marc Ott
Attorney, City Legal Brent Lloyd
Assistant City Manager, Development Sue Edwards
Director of Economic Growth Redevelopment Services Kevin Johns
City Council Aide Leah Bojo
City Council Aide Lewis Leff
General Counsel, Senator Kirk Watson Susan Nold
City Council Aide Robert Levinski
City Council Aide Barbara Rush
City Council Aide Shannon Halley
City Council Aide Barksdale English
City Council Aide Heidi Gerbracht
City Council Aide Michael McGill
City Council Aide Andrew Moore
VP, Development and Construction, Trammell Crow Austin Company Mark Fowler
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Austin Texas City Council, State Officials, and Trammell Crow Company executives.


Save the Heritage Trees at the Green Water Treatment Plant

The people of Austin demand that the six heritage trees and the protected tree at the Green Water Treatment Plant be saved.

The people of Austin demand that big business, in this case Trammell Crow, follow the rules, as the City requires of all of its citizens, and abide by the Heritage Tree Ordinance.

The people of Austin demand that the developer, Trammel Crow, design around these trees as the Heritage Tree Ordinance requires. These trees are next to the sidewalks and can easily be saved by incorporating them into the design of the landscape. At the very least, all of these trees can be transplanted.

The people of Austin will hold Trammell Crow accountable for the destruction of any of these valuable and irreplaceable heritage trees.

The people of Austin will not give up until these trees are safe!