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State Sanctioned Kidnapping for profit in Isabella County Michigan

Folks, you are strongly encouraged to read through this information because this does affect you and the people you love and care for, follow the links and participate by making some calls to the officials that have and continue to pretend that they can ignore all the rules when it suits them.

Generally petitions are aimed at politicians and elected officials that are already fully aware of the problems and not inclined to address the matters we bring to them. This petition is not addressed to the public servants that are already negligent in their job but addressed to We the People who are the superior authority over all government. Stand now and accept your superior position over government and sign and promote this this petition to We the People in whom all authority is permanently vested.

Danielle Austin is a loving mother of her three children, Madison, Marcus and Michael. Michael, her youngest - now 4 years old, was born with a myriad of medical issues including autism and from the moment he came into this world, received all of the care and loving support a mother could give. Danielle became Michael's primary care giver and she fully accepted this new job (at Michael's birth) as if it were the most important job in the entire world because it was. 

It was during a messy separation and a very bad home environment that Danielle sought help from the state to distance herself and her three children from the situations at the home. Smack dab in the middle of the messy separation, the husband was moving out and as the sole bread winner, held all the family's money leaving Danielle and her three children completely broke, helpless and alone.

In separating, Danielle sought assistance from the Isabella County Department of Human Services in Mount Pleasant Michigan. After the state (Isabella County DHS) discovered that Danielle was unable to work outside of the home due to her youngest son's many medical conditions that included Autism, the state's interests shifted from helping Danielle to the intensive intrusions into Danielle's life and her relationship with her children that resulted in the state's seizure/kidnapping of all three of her children on July 23, 2014 completely absent any and all due process.

Based upon state allegations alone, Danielle and her son Michael spent 14 days at Mott Children's hospital undergoing every test imaginable based upon the state's allegations of abuse and neglect after which, Michael was released from the hospital to his mother without any findings of either abuse nor neglect. Two days later, the state kidnapped Danielle's children without a legitimate hearing and on a failed motion to take them! Not only were Danielle's children kidnapped by the state, Danielle had also lost the job she took passionately and so very seriously over the past four years.

Halfway through the second day home, after two weeks at Mott Children's Hospital and On July 23, 2014, Danielle Austin, was called and asked to be in court at 3:00p.m. that same day by CPS worker Stephanie Smith two hours prior to that hearing at approximately 1:00p.m. During that same phone call, Stephanie Smith asked Danielle Austin if she could afford a lawyer to which Danielle replied that she could not. During this same phone call, Stephanie Smith told Danielle that her children were being removed from her custody and placed with others and that Foster care for Michael Austin had already been arranged (prior to any hearing and prior to any court order).

Danielle Austin was made to appear in court without proper lawful notice where she was denied representation of legal counsel of her own choosing and was never informed of her rights nor of the charges and allegations against her. She was tried completely outside of any and all due process with zero notice, zero opportunity to know and understand the allegations against her and zero time to seek legal representation and her children were taken prior to the hearing without a court order. Additionally, the petition hearing requesting the court to take jurisdiction and order the removal of the children was denied on July 23, 2014 but Danielle's children had already been taken! Dani's children were Kidnapped by CPS and Stefanie Smith.

Knowing that the state should not have taken her children in the first place Danielle has been expecting her children to be returned every day while every day praying the next to be that day.

Dani and I had been friends on Facebook for some time prior to the state's trespass against her and her children absent any and all due process. Dani explained to me what was going on and although the state had shown me the same disservice a few years prior, I was not fully prepared to believe that the state could act against a defenseless mother in these ways and kidnapp children. Below is a link to a recording made at a public FTM meeting where the "topic" had very little to do with Danielle and nearly everything to do with me, Ted Visner. In the recording, it sounds like I am the most foul person to have ever walked the earth and that I am evil and violent to such an extent, Melody Lake claims that Dani's children are to never EVER be around me at any point throughout the entire rest of their lives... all because I am trying to help Dani and her children, the state is telling Dani to choose between her children and myself. This is a demand of the hostage takers and the placing of conditions for any future release of hostages.

The state is now in a position where they should dissolve the case from day one... It's evil inception... But they can't because this would be an admission/confession of wrongdoing. Instead they are fortifying their position claiming that Danielle's son Michael would have died without the state's intervention. 

"I am going to give you an example of DENIAL OF DUE PROCESS.

If I were to sue you for 100k and start proceedings against you without you even knowing that you've been sued or what you are being sued for and then I won, is that fair or just?

What if I sued you absent your knowledge and lost but got your 100k anyway… Even more unfair and unjust right?

That is exactly what happened to Danielle Austin except the prize was MUCH more significant than 100k, the prize was her three children where the value is immeasurable to her.

Now replace that 100k value from the example above and imagine instead your own children… your brother’s children… your sister’s children… your friend’s children…

Please recognize this as a direct threat to you, to me, to your sister and your brother and to all of our children and to EVERY American Family and that it isn't a threat coming from me but coming directly from the state with the intentional deprivation of your due process rights."

This is a petition to We the People. To understand the significance and importance of this, you need to know that there were THREE defence lawyers, ONE or TWO prosecutors, ONE referee and ONE judge whom all understand that proper lawful notice is required to proceed lawfully in court and whom all did NOTHING to stop the unlawful prosecution and continued persecution of this defenseless mother and her children.

Please show your support by spreading this petition and helping to make it viral on the Internet and if you can, please contribute a few dollars to help Dani's cause to get her children back to her where they belong. Over the last 200+ days, Danielle has spent hundreds in gas to make it to all of the state mandated hostage release requirements and visitations with her children and this past week, the transmission went out in her vehicle.

Please make donations here.

Our courts and our elected officials have become completely non-responsive. It is for this reason, we need to call these people and let them know that We the People are watching them, their actions as well as their inactions. When these foul evil deeds are not disputed, they become ratified as our counties unwritten public policy!

Call Michigan State Police D/SGT Gary Green and ask him why he has not sought an unbiased special federal prosecutor to help him understand the allegations and how the allegations will forever be defined as non-sense by the same county prosecutors participating in the malicious prosecution of Danielle and her children. 

We the People need to call, write, email and fax these alleged officials and tell them to DO THEIR JOB! 

Danielle would like to thank everyone who has called, commented and contributed to her fight against these corrupt county officials and their unlawful practices. She has also recognized that she is very much not alone with regard to CPS abductions and kidnappings and has vowed to continue the fight after she, if ever, finds acceptable resolution in her own case.

Pease and Blessings!

Danielle Austin


Corporate Sheriff Leo Mioduszewski
207 Court Street # A
Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858
Phone:(989) 772-5911

Corporate Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette
G. Mennen Williams Building, 7th Floor
525 W. Ottawa St.
P.O. Box 30212
Lansing, MI 48909
Main Number (517) 373-1110
Facsimile (517) 373-3042

Corporate Isabella County Prosecutor, Risa Scully
200 N. Main Street
Mount Pleasant, Michigan 48858
Phone: (989) 772-0911 ext. 311
Fax: (989) 775-8413

Corporate Department of Human Services
Social Services Organization
Address: 1919 Parkland Drive, Mount Pleasant, MI 48858
Phone:(989) 772-8400

Corporate DHS worker (public Servant) Melody Lake
Office (989) 772-8400
Cell (989) 941-5014

Michigan State Police Gary Green
Phone: (989) 773-5951