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We the People...need to stand united to protect our constitution!

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Ok, so they are slowing taking away the right to own an "assault rifle" (successfully in MA), initiating more and more "gun-free zones" (which when you check the stats, are much more dangerous than places that have laxed gun laws because criminals don't give a damn about laws! Just look at how populated our prisons are, Which is another story for another day.) even making it tougher to own and carry a weapon. As if that wasn't all unconstitutional enough, and I'm sure because they have received so much resistance from the NRA, other 2nd amendment rights groups and just plain ol 2nd amendment supporters, he has yet again unconstitutionally attacked our 2nd amendment! This order is very broad and basically gives the right for the government to go after anyone they want that produces/manufactures/sells firearms and/or components. I fight for this right because it's close to me and I believe in the right to protect my family and our nation! I take the time to do this research and try my hardest to keep as active of a roll as possible in defending our constitution. You may not like guns. That is perfectly fine! But PLEASE realize that guns freed us from tyranny over 200 years ago. Please keep in mind that when Pearl Harbor was attacked, "(they) we didn't attack the mainland because behind every blade of grass, is an American with an gun". We The People NEED to take a stand! We NEED to provide a better future for our children! WE NEED TO STAND UNITED!!! The Bill of Rights IS the law of the United States! Don't be fooled! This one constitutional right alone protects every right that's close to you, even if this one isn't most important on your list! It protects us from becoming victims as a nation! It protects us from tyranny! This happening is as good as saying "ok, you can keep your 2nd amendment, good luck getting the arms to bear though!" But, that is still against the 2nd amendment and shall be fought to be overturned immediately! We have the right to bear arms and that right SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!!! And there is NO ASTERISK MARK in the 2nd amendment. So anything from a musket to modern weaponry. The day you stop exercising your rights, is the day you lose them! The Second Amendment was not written with basic self defense from common criminal or hunting or even sport in mind. It was written with one purpose in mind and that is to prevent govt tyranny and abuse of the people. The founders knew that in addition to the balances of power they placed in the constitution between the indiv branches...that the true balance of power between the people and the govt and keeping those elected acting as our REPRESENTATIVES instead of our LEADERS could only happen if we the people had sufficient arms and ammo to resist such tyranny and blatant disregard for our right and the Constitution. The Constitution is a legal binding contract between the govt and We The People laying out exactly what they are allowed to do and not allowed to do. NOTHING in the Constitution was meant to limit We The People. None of the rights listed in the Constitution are rights GRANTED to us BY the govt....they PREDATE the govt itself and therefore the Constitution simply affirmed to the new govt that these rights belong to the people and you WILL NOT TAKE THEM AWAY OR INFRINGE ON THEM...the second the govt infringes on the rights of the people whether it be the freedom of speech...the right to peacefully assemble...the right to due process etc ... or if all else fails the only safeguard we have left...the Second Amendment...they have violated that contract and it is our DUTY and RESPONSIBILITY as FREE CITIZENS to re affirm that we ARE NOT and NEVER WILL BE their SUBJECTS and they must not only be RESISTED but REPLACED. Since the constitution applies nationwide, we are calling for a "nationwide carry law". If you are legally able to obtain a firearm and pass a safety course, we should be allowed to carry it open or concealed without a license along with the immediate overturn of any gun restriction/ban. We are also calling for the cease of any further actions against OUR Bill of Rights!

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