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We, the People, demand justice for Ashlynn Howell, giver her killers the death sentence.

Jessica Lynn Howell and Jordan Lafayayette Prince are serving minute charges for the crime they commited against Jessica's four month old baby girl, Ashlynn.  Jessica offered her infant to her boyfriend, Jordan for sex, knowing he was a convicted pedophile.  She apparently even encouraged him to persorm sexual acts on her daughter and thats how the little girl and her mother ended up at Jordan Princes house the night Ashlynn was killed.  She endured severe blunt force trauma and massive damage to her uterus, bladder and anus, this would have killed her but Prince is said to have beat and strangled her to death before she died of other injuries.  I do not have words for how horrific this is.  A mothers job is to love and PROTECT her children, and this woman offered up her little girl  for the sickest of things.  There is speculation that she was a meth addict and offered Ashlynn as some sort of trade for drugs, but I don't know anymore than that or if it is true.  Honestly, I don't think it matters why she did this, it only matters that she willingly gave up her baby to be slaughtered in what can only be described as a haenous sexual act of murder.  Jessica Lynn Howell deserves to die.  She should not be allowed to walk this earth and hurt any other children.  Her boyfriend, an already convicted pedophile, the sick, twisted man who performed such monsterous acts on tis 4 month old little girl deserves the death penalty as well.  I don't understand why these people weren't senteced to death in the first place.  Ashlynn hadbarely bevun her life, I can't even imagine the pain and confusion of that little girl, it's unfathomable.  Unforgivable.  I demand justice for Ashlynn, she should have been welcomed into this world with love from her mother, and instead she is dead because of her.  I will circulate this petition as much as I possibly can, and get the word out, that this can not be tolerated.  I'll fight for Ashlynn.

 Here is more information, please be advised, it is very graphic.

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