We Support Solar Para Sa Bayan in Bringing Cheap, Clean, Reliable Power in the Philippines

We Support Solar Para Sa Bayan in Bringing Cheap, Clean, Reliable Power in the Philippines

September 9, 2018
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Why this petition matters

Started by SPSB Volunteers

Solar Para Sa Bayan is a social enterprise on a mission to bring cheap, clean, reliable 24/7 power across the Philippines, by constructing Solar-Battery Minigrids at zero cost to government. This year, over 500,000 Filipinos will benefit from projects in Mindoro, Palawan, Masbate, Batangas, Quezon, Aurora, Cagayan, Isabela, Negros, Misamis, Davao, and other areas that want better service.

Electric utilities wrongly claim that current laws give them exclusivity in their franchise areas, so government must craft new laws and policies that clearly allow companies like Solar Para Sa Bayan to compete on a non-exclusive basis and give consumers an alternative choice.

12 Reasons To Support House Bill 8179 and the Establishment of Minigrids Across the Philippines

1) Overwhelming Public Support. A recent Pulse Asia survey indicates 82% of Filipinos favor new options for electric service providers, 60% are dissatisfied with electricity prices; and 89% favor increasing the use of renewable energy in the Philippines.

2) Lower Cost. Filipinos pay the highest rates in Asia, of Php 12-16/kWh in some areas. Solar is now the lowest cost in the Philippines, with rates even below Php 3/kWh (without batteries), but Filipinos are unable to benefit from this because of reliance on fossil fuels.

3) Reliable Service. Filipinos suffer blackouts from traditional utilities due to the use of poorly maintained and outdated technology, and the limits of centralized generation - Minigrids provide superior service.

4) Universal Access to 24/7 Service. Around 20 million Filipinos lack 24/7 electric service, despite billions spent since the National Electrification Administration was founded. Minigrids can serve areas others have been unwilling or unable to serve.

5) Zero Cost to Government. Solar Para Sa Bayan is the first company to operate on a private basis with zero government subsidies, versus traditional utilities who receive subsidies for diesel fuel and grid extension.

6) Clean Energy. Minigrids can utilize solar panels and battery storage to maximize the percentage sourced from renewable energy, to make the Philippines a global leader in clean energy while remaining lower cost than fossil fuel.

7) Resiliency & Security. Localized Minigrids dedicated for each town and using indigenous resources ensure our energy security and mitigate the risk of power interruptions.

8) Economic Development. Minigrid investments accelerate economic development, especially in rural areas, by creating employment in construction and operations and improving electric service to attract new industries and investments.

9) Improved Quality of Life. Affordable, reliable electricity enables students to study at night and use computers at school; hospitals to power equipment and refrigerate medicines; households to use appliances; and police to patrol lighted streets.

10) Encourage Other Minigrids. Granting franchises for Minigrids to operate independently of traditional utilities, and proving the viability of these pioneering projects, will encourage other companies to enter this market and apply for their own non-exclusive franchises.

11) Competition & Innovation. Minigrids not only benefit their direct consumers, but also inspire traditional utilities to improve service to all Filipinos; and accelerate the adoption of new technologies and best practices that all companies can learn from.

12) The Fastest Solution. Minigrids on average take less than 6 months to construct, a fraction of the years needed to construct centralized power plants and transmission lines.

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Signatures: 13,080Next Goal: 15,000
Support now