We support creating a world in which animals live with the same legal rights as children.

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We request that ...

A federal government department be created to develop and implement animal equality laws to govern all states / territories. This will include an education sector to develop courses on animal equality for the school curriculum; primary, secondary and tertiary. With the laws being ...   

Animals are not the property of humans, we are companions or guardians and our role is to provide and maintain a safe, healthy environment.

Animals have no economic value as food, clothing, furniture, transport, entertainment, tourism, sports, research subjects or sexual objects.

Animals will not be bred for human consumption, profit, research, competition or entertainment. Therefore banning factory farming (meat, eggs, dairy, additives), live export, breeding mills, scientific / medical research, fishing, sport, entertainment and sexual use.

Companion animals are ONLY adoptable through rescue shelters, funded by the government, to provide desexing and optimum care until homes are found.

Government funded reserves and sanctuaries provide a safe, healthy and natural environment for native and rescued animals, opening up tourism and educational opportunities for people to see / interact with animals in their natural environment.

Replace culling and poisoning of native and non-native “pest” animals with government funded “trap, neuter and return” programs and other compassionate conservation practices. 

Abuse of an animal or animals, whether it be psychological or physical is a criminal act and the perpetrator/s will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

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