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We support bicycle lanes on Lankershim & Cahuenga

We want the streets of Los Angeles to be safe for all people, whether they are walking, bicycling, taking transit, or driving.

Letter to
Councilman Paul Krekorian
The Valley Neighborhood Bike Ambassadors, part of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, are working to implement the bikeways promised in the San Fernando Valley in the 2010 Bicycle Master Plan. Our highest priority is installing bike lanes on Lankershim & Cahuenga. These bike lanes will connect to a growing network of bicycle paths, lanes, and routes for everyone to use.

Adding bike lanes on Lankershim will accent the people-oriented district this community has become and will ultimately make the area a more vibrant and livable community. Bike lanes on Cahuenga will also close the gap between the Valley and Hollywood.

These bike lanes are about more than just bicyclists: they will make our streets safer and our community more livable and prosperous.

Safety | Safety for all people traveling through our community is our biggest concern and bike lanes are a proven strategy for reducing collisions among drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists. With the presence of bicyclists, drivers are more aware of their surroundings and drive at more moderate speeds. In addition, the bike lane project will reduce the number of travel lanes pedestrians must cross, making the street safer.

Community | Lankershim Boulevard is the heart of North Hollywood. It is home to many happening businesses, community events, diverse housing options, and a major hub for transportation. These neighborhood elements create an ideal environment for bicycling. Half of all trips in Los Angeles County are less than 3 miles—trips that can easily be done by bicycle on the flat streets of the Valley. Bike lanes will allow people to move around their neighborhood without worrying about traffic and parking, all the while cleaning our air and improving our health.

Economy | Study after study shows that bicycling is good for business. In local retail corridors like Lankershim, bicyclists visit more frequently and spend more money in sum than drivers. (It must be all that money they’re saving on gas.) Other cities like New York, Portland, and Minneapolis are seeing a boost in revenues for businesses after new bicycle lanes are installed—and none of those cities are known for great weather! Merchants in San Francisco say new bike lanes have improved business and supported traffic calming. There are also Business Improvement Districts in Long Beach and San Diego that are making themselves Bike-Friendly to alleviate parking problems and traffic congestion.

As someone who supports this project, I understand that this particular project may require the removal of a travel lane or a parking lane to accommodate for these enhancements. I believe the benefits of these bicycle lanes are worth adding a minute or two to drive times through North Hollywood. After all, those are minutes that people will be looking at our local businesses instead of racing through our neighborhood. I want a more people-friendly North Hollywood and support bicycle lanes on Lankershim and Cahuenga!

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