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We Stand By Phil Robertson - Duck Commander, Duck Dynasty


Phil Robertson is a Christian who believes in the holy word of God! He is being persecuted because of his beliefs - the Bible preaches that homosexuality is wrong. He doesn't force his beliefs, (the Bible) on anyone. Freedom of speech works both way. Freedom of Speech, unless it disagrees with your point of view.

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Please Bring Back Phil Robertson To Duck Dynasty,

We admire Mr Robertson for his old-school, refreshing, simple and straight-forward honesty. While you may not agree with his beliefs, punishing him for being a Christian who believes in the Bible and the fans of Duck Dynasty for them is persecution and down-right un-American.

Millions of people agree with the Bible, but we face the same ridicule and hatred of those who complain of the same treatment. We don't fear gays, we disagree with their lifestyle, we love the sinner, yet hate the sin. We stand behind Mr Robertson's sentiments as they are straight from the Word of God. This country came about because of the need for religious and political freedom. Now in 2013 a Christian cannot state his beliefs, without being ostracized.

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Fans Of Duck Dynasty

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