Make MARVEL versus the DC universe crossover fighting game.

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Hello, my name is Tj Mack and i'm the creator of this petition. Im also an administrator at MARVEL vs. DC Central (MVDCC) on Facebook.There has been many fighting videogames of which characters from two different companies or labels crossover. For example, we have Tekken vs. Streetfighter, Marvel vs. Capcom, Mortal Kombat vs DC and more. Now, Everybody knows the Marvel and DC comic superheroes. Both of these companies have been around and competed against eachother for Decades. If they were to come together and make a fighting videogame that consists of the characters from both sides It would be highly likely to sell millions. Most Americans are familiar with SpiderMan, Superman, Batman, The Hulk, The Fantastic 4, justice League and The X-Men. These are iconic solo superheroes and teams from both of the sides that have been around for decades. If both of them were to crossover in a fighting videogame, i guarantee it would sell millions and probably turn out to be one of the greatest selling video games of all time. We've always thought of this idea and wanted it to come to past. That's why we decided to put this petition together. If you agree with us Please sign an share with your friends. We'll need all the help we can get. Shout out to all who support us.