We Pledge No More Votes To Politicians Who Won't End All Abortion #NoMoreAbortionPledge

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Politicians, if you won’t fight for the unborn, we won’t fight for you.

Over seven million children have been murdered by abortion since Roe V. Wade in 1973. One out of three American women have or will have an abortion in their lifetime. To any decent Christian, lawmaker or politician, this is heartbreaking.

For forty-five years, Pro-life politicians and activists have legislated, regulated, and tolerated this atrocity while children continue to die. We won’t accept this any longer.


We are sick of the compromise. We are sick of the regulation. We are sick of chipping away at the abortion beast one useless regulation at a time while a child dies every twenty seconds. We are sick of politicians claiming to be pro-life and USING US to get voted into office, but doing nothing to save the unborn once in office. 

Politicians, your time is up! We the people make the pledge to fully remove our support from any and all politicians who do not promise and deliver on the abolition of all abortion under their jurisdiction, to the best of their ability. 

If you won’t fight for the unborn, we won’t fight for you.