We petition the International Criminal Court to stop the dictatorial Abe regime


I'm Japanese. Ten thousand or more Japanese manifest every day. Because our primer minister Abe is a dictator.

Abe said that "World War II was not bad, Korean women and Chinese solaz were whores, Japanese soldiers did not kill Chinese citizens," although there is documentary evidence.

Abe and his teammates are from "Nippon Kaigi". It's a group of religious fanatics. They say "Kamikaze is wonderful.

Nippon Kaigui feels hatred of Asian parents, Do not want to recognize that China is number one.

Abe has paid a lot of money for other countries. He is proud. Japan has no money. Abe has bought many weapons and is not interested in social welfare, So the elderly poverty die. Some children are always hungry. Abe wants the Japanese to work until they are 71 years old.
He likes people working hard and does not need people who can not work by obstacle and old age. The workers will be Karoshi. A friend of mine works six days a week.

Abe loves Hitler. The children learn "My Fight" of Hitler at school.

The government did not pay for Fukushima. The people of Fukushima are suffering from leukemia. Okinawa is a slave of the United States. If an American kills a Japanese, he is free. Former governor of Osaka said "Okinawa women have to be whores for Americans. It's a good idea, is not it?".


It is true.

Prof. Joseph Cannataci, U.N. special rapporteur on the right to privacy, protested concerns that planned legislation by Japanese government targeting conspiracies to commit terrorism and other crimes could allow police to trample civil liberties.
Japan government protests U.N. expert's queries on bill to fight terrorism.
Every day, over 10000 of Japanese people demonstrate demanding the PM Abe’s resign,
But the demonstrations were not reported by Japanese mass media which lose the freedom of the press under suppression by the government.
I have a petition signitured by 4000 people in 5 days.
Dear General Secretary of International Criminal Court
I am Japanese citizen lived in Japan,my birth country.
My friends and I need to tell you about the government of Japan and especially on our Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.
Nowadays many Japanese citizens begin to suspect that Prime Minister Abe has committed something regard as a war crime.
Last month (on May 3), at a press conference, PM Abe suddenly began to state that the Constitution of Japan and in particular Article 9 should be changed. Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution is a clause that forbids war as a means of resolving international disputes involving the state.
According to this new policy, Prime Minister Abe said the Japanese Self Defense Force is currently unconstitutional.
However, up until that time, Japanese Self Defense Force was regarded as fully constitutional by PM Abe and his party.

In 2015 the Parliament made a bill on "national security" which makes the government possible to send the SDF out of Japan.
However this bill is not for "national security" but for "war". Indeed, Japanese soldiers entered war theaters such as South Sudan for peacekeeping operations.
But even this bill is not enough and "unconstitutional" for PM Abe, according to his latest statements.
For the first time, as the president of the Liberal Democratic Party (Jiminto) and prime minister, he began to call Japanese Self Defense Forces being unconstitutional.
Therefore many Japanese citizens began wondering about the time and motivation behind this sudden change of mind of our PM: when and why did the Liberal Democratic Party start to see Japanese Self Defense Forces as unconstitutional? Much of us who admire Self Defense Forces will be regarded it as ludicrous and unconstitutional?
And if the SDF are to be considered as such, shouldn't the act of sending soldiers abroad be regarded as a crime of war?
And my country will go to infringe the UN Charter’s Enemy Clauses?
As if that was not enough, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the ruling party accepted to use Hitler's "Mein Kampf" and the Imperial Rescript on Education as valid teaching material in schools. Behaviors like this do nothing but bring the political and social climate of our country back to the time of World War II: we are in peril to regress to a pre-war constitution and to awaken the same breed of nationalism that almost brought our country to destruction.
That is the reason why we have the suspicion that the prime minister and the government could be regarded as a war criminal.
We think that if no one will try to stop Shinzo Abe, the resulting situation will be against the provisions of the United Nations Charter.
So we are convinced that you will be able to help us. We want to keep our peaceful country.
Please keep democracy and human rights in the world!
Please help us!
そ れだけでは不十分であります。安倍首相と与党は、学校でのヒットラーの「マイン・カンプ」と教育勅語を有効な教材として利用することを認めました。このような行 動は、私たちの国の政治的、社会的風土を第二次世界大戦の時代に戻すことにほかならないでしょう。私たちは戦前の憲法に回帰し、私たちの国をほとんど崩壊へともたらした同 じ種類の国家主義を目覚めさせる危険にさらされています。
Japan is a country of KKK.

Taro Aso said, "The best methodology of politics is to mimic Nazis".
① ‪#Japan‬ will become a country like Turkey Erdoğan. The PM ultra-nationalist Abe wants the dictatorship here.
②but Japanese journalism is a catastrophe
and does not monitor carefully the government's power.
③Now Japanese government is trying to carry out a law of A Conspiracy Crime.
④This law will be able to violating "freedom of religion","freedom of inner heart" and " freedom of thought"
⑤We are about to lose civil liberties. Our hope is to continue to have the constitution of peace that we have for 70 years.
⑥The world needs to know our current situation in Japan.
The democracy of Japan will soon collapse. Help us!


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