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We OPPOSE 'Conservation' Union welcoming TROPHY HUNTERS SCI, as members! SIGN NOW & SAY NO

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The International Union for the Environment and Nature (IUCN) have welcomed trophy hunters Safari Club International (SCI) as members.

Most of us are aware that the killer of Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe 2015, was convicted poacher AND a member of SCI. How then, can a Union, which purports to genuinely asses the possibility of species risk of extinction, via its 'Red Lists', accept an organisation whose sole purpose is to hunt animals, by means of 'sustainable untilization'.

This article confirms that Walter Palmer was a convicted Poacher and was a member of SCI:

'Sustainable Utilization' has very definitely not been a successful 'conservation model', as our wildlife races to extinction across the Globe. Yet this quote taken from The Guardian Newspaper, just after the death of Cecil the Lion, clearly portrays the IUCN's position: 'Some conservationists cautioned against overreaction. Jane Smart, global director of International Union for Conservation of Nature’s biodiversity conservation group, said trophy hunting can be a good conservation tool when handled properly and regulated'. Really Jane? Our Elephants, Lions, Rhino's to name but three, would certainly show this to be untrue?

Safari Club International continues to tell all who will listen that, they love wildlife so much, that the only way to save it is to hunt it.  An independent report by IFAW revealed that Trophy Hunting 'revenue' directed less than 5% back into Conservation.

They also praise themselves for their acceptance into IUCN:

We, the undersigned demand that Safari Club International are immediately removed from the IUCN members list. 

A hunting group, which harbours convicted poachers has NO place in Conservation.






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