High Speed Internet Service Is needed! North of I-75 Estates/Tropicaire North Port FL.

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As our country continues to manage the Covid-19 emergency. We the people in the Tropicaire Blvd area are facing newer challenges. Schools are closed until May 1st probably longer and most businesses are closed as well. Children are to start online learning April 1st and many parents are having to work from home including local teachers who relies on internet to teach their students. I am living in the area code 34291 by Tropicaire Blvd near the Estates, we only have 1 internet provider which is Frontier with an advertise speed of 21-30 Mbps Home DSL. but in reality, we are only getting less than 2. Mbps, the Internet repeatedly keeps crashing on us and today is just day 1 of homeschooling. We have very poor internet speed and not enough speed to sustain multiple devices at once such as laptops, computers, etc. this situation has been going on for many, many, years but now its a necessity! more than ever. This is an scenario from my own personal experience, but I’ve come across others having the same struggle. This is happening to several families in this area who have shared about it on groups trying to find a solution, and honestly we don’t know what else to do so that our voices can be heard. We have talked to multiple internet providers and they can’t help us! We keep getting false hopes that they will provide better internet in our area soon! but the years keep passing and nothing it’s happening. Our area is growing fast, it’s 2020 and we are still on 80’s-90’s internet quality. Now, because of CoVID-19 pandemic, internet has become truly an essential for our daily-Stay Home-living in terms of education, work, and even entertainment. We are asking The City of North Port for help! for Fiber Optic! for better Internet companies like Comcast and Xfinity in our area.

We are asking for a solution.

North Port Citizens Of Tropicaire Blvd-Estates area.