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By Thomas Jackson on Monday, July 27, 2015 at 9:04am

In 2010 Tom decided to move to Maryland from Minnesota. In 2007 Tom and another person pulled there monies together and invested the money in the stock market in early 2008.Certain people didnt like this and forced us to seperate our account and take our own money. I sent all of my profits that I had made to my sister  who was here in Maryland. When he arrived here in Maryland he found out that she had spent all of his money and wanted to give him bits and pieces from her paychecks.I assumed that when I arrived in Maryland I would have a few thousand dollars but it was all gone and $500.00 was all that was given to me.Tom and his sister had an argueement over the money and he was left with no alternative but to leave because her husband wanted Tom gone.Tom contacted his other sister in West Virginia who sent him the money that she had saved that he had also sent to her. Tom had $2500 dollars on him so

he decided that he would look for another cheap car on his own.He had passed a 7-11 on hammonds ferry rd

that had a car for sale so he went inside the 7-11 and asked who the car belonged to.This guy named Sammy

said that the car belonged to him and he was asking $2400.00 for it.Tom explained to Sammy what had took

place with his sister  and how she robbed him of all of his money and asked Sammy if he would be willing

to take payments for the car.Tom and Sammy went out and looked the car over and took it for a test drive.

When they got back to the 7-11 Sammy said that he would be willing to do 3 payments in 3 weeks of $800.00

each. He told Tom that if he signed an agreement and gave him $800.00 that night that Tom could leave with

the car.Tom signed the agreement and gave Sammy $800.00 that was done in front of the stores surveillance

camera.After the contract was signed and money exchanged hands,Tom left the 7-11 and drove off in his car.

With in a hour,Tom was pulled over and arrested for Theft $1,000 -$10,000,Unlawful removal of property,and

car theft.When Tom tried to explain that he had just bought this car from Sammy at the 7-11, an officer went

to the 7-11 to speak to Sammy who turned out to be the one who had called the police to report the car stolen.

The officer asked to see the surveillance tape which clearly showed Tom and Sammy talking at the counter

but with there backs to the camera. The officer could see Tom write something down and hand Sammy money

but he could not hear the conversation.Sammy then informed the officer that the car in question did not belong

to him but did belong to his ex girlfriends mother Anita.Sammy also told the officer that he never recieved any

money from Tom but showed the officer a contract to buy a car. Anita and Sammy formally pressed charges on Tom.

A few days later another officer went back to the 7-11 to collect that surveillance tape as evidence for the

state only to find out that it had somehow dissapeared and so did the contract that Sammy had showed the officer

the night Tom was arrested. Knowledge was then learned that Sammys parents owned that 7-11.Sammy also had

a long record and history documented of his hussles and scams on people but Tom could not use that in court.

Tom went to court january of 2011 and was offered a 2 year plea agreement by the state to plead guilty but

Tom knew that he had not committed any crime and refused the states deal and decided to go ahead with a

jury trial.The jury was cohersed into making a late night decision and Tom was found not guilty of car theft

but was found guilty of theft $1,000-$10,000 the value of the car.

Tom filed an appeal because how can you be found guilty of the value of a car that you did not steal or was

not found guilty of stealing?Tom served 28 months and went before the parole board a was given a one year

hit in april of 2013.In September of 2013 he was told that the court of special appeals reversed and vacated

his sentence. He went to court on 1/8/14 and was given time served with an 18 month subquara and a 7 year

25 day stay of sentencing.Tom had served 3 years and 5 days .

In Febuary of 2014 Tom was backing out of a parking spot behind our house going to get gas when an officer

was sitting a car away.Tom tooted the horn for him to back up in which he did and tooted his horn back at

Tom...Tom drove away. Later that night Tom was arrested for failing to stop for a police officer.He was bailed out of

jail and immediately informed his probation officer of what had happened.Tom was out on bail for 6 months,working everyday 6 days a week, seeing his probation officer every single month without fail.In august of 2014 Tom was rearrested because of the traffic incident in Febuary violated his probation.In Febuary of 2015,Judge Lynne

Stewart Mays sentenced Tom to the remainder of his sentence of 7 years 25 days...for a traffic violation.When Tom went back into the system DOC treated it as a new sentence instead of the remainder of the original 10 year sentence.Therefore Tom has to wait an additional 22 months to go back before the parole board...Add that to the 42 months and 7 days he had already done at his sentencing. When Tom sees the parole board again,if he is seen early he would of already exceeded the top of the range for the parole board to consider (22-42 months)and we will be asking for immediate release,at that time below guideline policys instead of making him wait until he reaches the 22 month make under the new commitment parameter of 7 years and 25 days.I know this sounds confusing but the fragmentation of the original sentence of 2011 by the court of appeals reversal in 2013 .In essence one sentence (10 years)became 2 (10 years and 7 years 25 days)which means I have to see the parole board twice on the same sentence.One parole decision was vacated by the court of appeals in 2013 and this one is forth coming...hopefully sooner then later.

Since Toms release in January of 2014 he has started writing a book,created Cons Can Care,Got a great

job as a master mechanic making $1000.00 a week,got married and was living his life right and happy.

And because of a simple traffic incident, it was all taken away from him. The purpose of posting this

story and information with you all is I want to present a type of petition to Mr. Bloomburg who is the head

of the parole commission of Maryland to request a below guideline policy consideration for parole.Tom only

needed 22 months in to be considered...but he already has 52 in because this sentence is a continuation

of the 2011 sentence.The Maryland department ofparole commissions agents have 3 types of parole commission releases Below,guidline,and above guidlines.Each one has a range that they can use to state how long before an inmates can see the parole commission and how long the parole agent can consider within the range of setting the inmates release date...Toms is 22 months. Tom can do amazing things with Cons can care but he needs to be home to fufill

this complete dream. Tom still has a job as a master mechanic waiting for him so he will not be coming

home to be a burden on society but to be a strong participant in the fight for justice. If everyone who reads

this story believes that Tom should be considered for early release please post a brief note to Mr Bloomburg. Please let your voice be heard . Thank you.

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