We need Safe Schools Program in Aspley State High- Stop bullying because of sexuality!

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I'm a mother of two young boys who went to primary school with Tyrone Unsworth, and my eldest son starting at Aspley High next year. I was horrified when I was told of Tyrone's death; a young boy with the world at his feet. Tyrone was at the age where he should be discovering himself in a safe and accepting environment. Instead he took his own life after years of torment from bullies because of his sexuality.

With programs like Safe School we can save others like Tyrone Unswroth. Safe Schools is a national program funded by the Australian Government. By creating safe and supportive school environments, we can reduce homophobic and transphobic bullying and discrimination in schools.

As a part of the Aspley High family, I can't standby and watch another LGBTI child be bullied, self harm or commit suicide. I feel that our kids need this at Aspley High.

Please sign and share my petition, no more bullying in our school because of sexuality.


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