Petition Closed

Until a few weeks ago in the town of Melksham (UK) there was a riverside walk wild woodland gracious, fabulous to walk wherever you were a dog walker or just a couple with children. Woodland full of wildlife, beautiful scenes of wild flowers, amazing in the snow scenes. Well everything is finished because of  Sainsbury's supermarket.
Woodlands, small groups of trees and individual trees are a vital component of the Wiltshire landscape, providing visual beauty, habitats for important species, cover for game, and a valuable recreational resource.
Woodland was once the natural vegetation cover over most of the UK and is our richest wildlife habitat, supporting many hundreds of species of invertebrates, fungi, bryophytes, flowering plants and birds. Local geology, land form and environmental conditions give rise to distinct sub-types (communities), each with a characteristic flora.
Biodiversity encompasses the whole variety of life on Earth. It includes all species of plants and animals, their genetic variation, and the complex of ecosystems of which they are part.
We have a duty to ensure that a diverse and thriving natural environment is maintained for the economic, social and spiritual health and wellbeing of this and future generations.
Now everything is gone.

Letter to
Town Hall
We, the undersigned, respectfully ask to rethink your decision, and stop the massacre of our land.
We don't need further Supermarkets, we do need more Woodland! We don't need to buy, we need to breathe! Our Planet is suffering, we should protect the Enviroment. Sainsbury can use an abandoned industrial area, there are so many!
Do it for the Earth, for the animals, for us, and for the future generations
Thank you for your time