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most argentinians live in fear, in need, with no hope for the country's future, we need to get together, rescue our faith, unite us again as a nation. is sad to see so many people just caring only about theie finatial situation and pay no attention to the real facts that are destroying our society.

Letter to
governador de la ciudad autonoma de buenos aires Mauricio Macri
All of us, the Argentinians, who care about the situation in our country are a few, we need to express and spread our word to other borders, seeking for help, for understanding, our selfish , greedy and ignorant president. doesn't care at all for the well being of our nation , such a beautiful one and yet so neglected, ruled by" Caudillos" in each province , fighting for more power and money, when is this going to end? i'm truly sad and embarassed to say i'm argentine. and i should feel proud, like people who stand for their nations as Brazil or Chile , or even all of those poor countries in the world, they do. inspite all the murderings and sufferings of war.So many of us left the country looking for a better future. why? because we just stop beliving in our politicians, in our society, unfortunately we always say the same.....there's no cure for our country, after the military years, after all the strange things, and a pseudo democracy now, is hard to believe in a real change.

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