Save the Polar Bears

Save the Polar Bears

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Started by Polarbear Saver

Trillions of polar bears die every day due to the inaction of the people of United States America, (AKA the entire earth) and I'm here to change it. Polar bears die because the icebergs melt and then they drown in the massive amount of iceberg water that came from the melted 'bergs. My solution to this is to get rid of the icebergs and increase the temperature of the earth so that nothing freezes ever again, and if there are no icebergs then the icebergs can't melt. 

Global warming is the way to save the planet! If you deny this then you hate polar bears and also the human race. (AKA America)

The people that can fix this problem are Obama, Grimace from McDonald's, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Sydney, Your Mom, Obama, Doja Cat, Adam Sandler, Nicolas Appert, Dwayne Johnson, and Obama. Make sure they know about this and fix otherwise you are a horrible person.

Once these 10 people put their hands together in a sealed-off room, the world will instantly heat up and all icebergs will fly into space, saving the polar bears and saving the earth one species at a time. Sadly one of them is dead, one of them is a giant taste bud, and one of them is a team of people. This is why we need to put in tons of work otherwise everything will die and that is not good.





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203 have signed. Let’s get to 500!