#BRINGTHEMIN - Fairfax County VA is not protecting pets like other Virginia Counties.

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OCTOBER '18 UPDATE to DECEMBER '17 PETITION: Other Virginia jurisdictions protect pets more aggressively than Fairfax County yet we all follow the same law.    Recent temperatures exceeded 105 degrees and Fairfax County allowed for pets to be left outside with one water bowl filled in the morning before leaving for work.   In the winter, the same applies and the water "bucket" is frozen before returning from work 8 hours later.   Dogs  (one elderly) are housed outside regardless of temperatures hot or cold and during extreme weather.  In addition, Fairfax County allows for dogs to be kept in a pen 24/7 unattended most of the time.  Two streets over in Arlington County, ACO's said that leaving pets outside in extreme weather violates current law, if properly applied.  Fairfax Animal Control told concerned neighbors to "stop bothering them and wasting their time".  Legislation is needed to clarify and enhance animal welfare and animal control needs further guidance on applying the law.   

The Humane Society of the US, PETA and other animal welfare agencies state that tethering and intensive confinement of animals is PHYSICALLY and PSYCHOLOGICALLY harmful.  These groups along with the American Veterinarian Medical Association recommend that all pets live indoors, receive regular exercise and are provided with adequate attention interacting regularly with people.  Dogs should be allowed to express natural behaviors, not be subject to living on a concrete slab with multiple days feces and urine pools and the pests & smells that attracts.  Dogs are not wild animals and they deserve a safe and comfortable environment and a life more than just survival. Fairfax animal shelter dogs have better living conditions than some of our county pets.

It's time to #BRINGTHEMIN.   Please share with other animal lovers.  Let's be a Voice for the Voiceless.