We need a year 7-12 coeducational High School in Oatley (#OatleyHS)

We need a year 7-12 coeducational High School in Oatley (#OatleyHS)

31 October 2019
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Sarah Mitchell - Minister for Education and Early Childhood Learning and
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Started by Amelia Starkey

The Georges River College (GRC) in the St George region of Sydney comprises 3 junior high schools (Year 7-10):

- Peakhurst Campus (coeducational)
- Penshurst Girls Campus (single sex)
- Hurstville Boys Campus (single sex)

plus 1 senior high school (Year 11-12) - Oatley Senior Campus (coeducational).

The current configuration of the GRC is inadequate for families in the GRC catchment for a variety of reasons, and these families feel forced to send their children to government high schools out of the area, or to schools out of the public education system altogether, be it to private or other non-government high schools.

The Department of Education (DoE) has announced a tightening of the rules around out-of-area enrolments, and as such, is limiting the ability for a child to attend a government school outside their local catchment.

In the case of the GRC, the catchment for Peakhurst Campus takes in 4 suburbs, while the other junior campuses have a much larger catchment and geographical spread, more than 6 suburbs in the case of Hurstville Boys Campus. This means that some students have to travel up to 6 kilometres to attend their "in-area" campus, taking up to 50 minutes by public transport.

In addition to the geographical challenges, families in the area do not wish to send their children to a separate junior high school, especially a single sex junior high school, only to have their child change campuses and suddenly commence coeducation in senior high school at such a crucial time in their schooling, studying for the HSC. However, the tightening of the DoE policy means that our children are effectively being forced into this junior/senior campus, single sex/coeducational model.

There is an immense desire in the local community for a local coeducational Year 7-12 high school. A desire for our children to continue through high school with their cohort from primary school, and to attend one single campus for their entire high school career. This is currently far from the reality, with Year 6 graduates scattering to dozens of different high schools.

There is a wonderful community spirit in our local area in the government primary schools, and this community spirit is sadly lost when the children reach high school.

We implore the Department of Education to provide a Coeducational Year 7-12 High School in Oatley. We believe this would bring countless benefits to the local children, the school, and the community itself.

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Signatures: 956Next Goal: 1,000
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