We need a new hospital in the Blue Mountains

We need a new hospital in the Blue Mountains

1,141 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!

Why this petition matters

Started by Mark Jarvis

The Blue Mountains District ANZAC Memorial Hospital is a significant constraint on the effective delivery of comprehensive clinical health services to our community, despite the wonderful work and best efforts of the hardworking staff.

We regard the case for a new hospital in the Blue Mountains to be irrefutable.  The current hospital is 100 years old and no longer fit for purpose, with no room for expansion.

Our community is geographically dispersed and not easily able to access the major hospitals in Sydney.  We host millions of tourists every year, who sometimes also need to use the hospital.  

We suffer regular inclement weather that causes significant accidents on our highway and sometimes forces the highway to close completely.  Our current hospital is so dilapidated that parts of it are uninhabitable.  

The annual maintenance and repair costs are excessive, yet still fail to bring the hospital to an acceptable standard. 

We also recognise the need for more immediate improvements whilst construction is underway, including improvements in critical care and ambulatory services.  There is an urgent need to pursue what can be done in an immediate sense to improve service delivery within the constraints of the current building.

Our community leaders support a new hospital, The business community supports a new hospital. All health care providers locally know that this community needs a new hospital. 

All three levels of political representation locally recognise the need and are committed to doing whatever they can to assist with getting the new hospital’s construction commenced.

The issue is one of public health and safety. We are as one, “Team Blue Mountains” on this matter.

We have watched on as billions in federal and state money have been poured into the new Nepean Hospital, and into health facilities in regional centres in NSW with far less population density than the Blue Mountains. We rejoice for our neighbours in Western Sydney and in the regions for their well deserved new facilities. However, we believe it is now the turn of our community.

This is our reasonable expectation. 

We want our state and federal political leaders to listen to the needs of our community. Show your support by signing this petition so that we can actively campaign for the necessary funding to construct a new, purpose-built, modern public hospital for the Blue Mountains, with a full range of clinical services. 

1,141 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!