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We need a cure for TINNITUS!

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Tinnitus, the invisible hell


There are dozens of kinds of Tinnitus, depending on its cause. It can be noise trauma, but also a simple ear infection, rinsing of the ear, stress, or abnormalities in the ear or brain.

That is why it is so difficult to find a cure for this terrible noise. THERE IS NO CURE YET!

Some kinds of Tinnitus can be cured. But in these cases the doctor can also hear this sound. The cause might be a tight blood vessel or artery. Or even a nerve. Usually the patient hears his or her heartbeat.

The last few years research on the field of Tinnitus has increased. The common theory is that damaged hair cells in the inner ear no longer give (correct) signals to the brain. Neurons, responsible for converting these signals into recognizable sounds for humans start firing and making noise on their own, without an reason. And one day you are diagnosed with Tinnitus. Brain in Antwerp has a technique that reveals overactive parts of the brain. But Brain will soon shut down, because the management does not see the importance of treating Tinnitus. Worldwide around 600 million people suffer from Tinnitus.

No one can relate to what it is to have Tinnitus, unless you have  experienced it yourself. Never any silence or peace in your head. In daily life it means lack of sleep, being tired all day, loosing your job, divorce, because the partner does not understand, social isolation and even, in rare cases, suicide. Sometimes its just unbearable.

Imagine hearing a fighter jet in your ears. If our neighbor drills in the wall for ten minutes, we get highly irritated. Let alone he will do this 24/7 and the whole year. No one understands you, because its invisible. If you are also diagnosed with Hyperacusis, you will get completely crazy, because it means an intolerance for noises.

The support groups give real support. And this support is needed! Because no one understands. Every new member of these groups goes the same way. From one doctor to another, and finally end up in the alternative circuit, where also no one can cure this disease. The final conclusion of all doctors is: learn to live with it.

Why is there so little attention for this disease? ALS, MS, Cancer or Parkison get much more attention. But this disease will be a big threat to society. In ten years scientists predict 1 out of every four people will suffer from this condition. This will cost billions on sick leave, unnecessary medical examinations and medical support. And it might also be YOU.

Many people have insufficient funds to try all therapies. But most of them spent all their money to find some relief. People are desperate. Something needs to be done! There should be awareness that we suffer in silence. Although silence might not be the proper word here. And that is the major problem…

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