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We all grew up with Procter and Gamble products and they are great; but why must they continue to vivisect. I do not want to purchase anything from them until the vivisecting stops. They need to keep up with the times as most businesses do.

Letter to
Proctor and Gamble
Procter and Gamble is such a great company with great prodcuts. I know I love to use their products in keeping and clean home for my family and friends.

However, as an animal lover, I cannot understand why a company as great and intelligent as yours cannot find a way to stop the vivisecting without the loss of research personnel while still implementing the same quality in your products.

Please understand that I do not think you would ever want your pets in a research lab. I know you have made some cut backs; however, please make a valiant attempt to continue cutting back the vivisecting until it no longer is in our manufacturing and research plants.


Jude Anne Gossin----------------


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