We Don’t Want More Sugar in Our Drinks!

We Don’t Want More Sugar in Our Drinks!

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SOS Hydration Australia started this petition to people and

The outdated food standards regulations set by the Australia and New Zealand government needs to change. Sign this petition to help us make this change. Watch the video and share the petition on social media to bring awareness to the health benefits of low sugar healthy sports rehydration drink choices for our athletes, children and their parents. Why can’t Australia and New Zealand have the same standards set by World Health Organisation and the USA sports industry?

Everyday we and our children exercise to stay fit and healthy. This is important for a happy and long life. We also use SOS to keep us hydrated during our daily lives, but now our fundamental values and belief, built on strong scientific foundations are being questioned. Not by you our loyal SOS supporters, but the Government’s we thought would support our belief in healthy community outcomes. We need your support!

The recent Food Standard ANZ review and NZ Government letter asks us to add five times more sugar to SOS by the end of August 2017. This is ridiculous and we can’t believe what we are hearing. Adding more sugar to our drink will only serve as a disadvantage to everyone’s health, and in no way benefit our strong scientific principles for rehydration.

Everyday we are trying to set an example to our children to live healthy lifestyles. We rely on SOS to help us in our health objectives, but now that lifestyle is threatened by the FSANZ, What example does that set for our children?

Since starting a public conversation about the level of sugar in hydration and electrolyte drinks in Australia and New Zealand we’ve been overwhelmed with the support from medical professionals, athletes, nutritionists, and ordinary Aussies and Kiwis who share our concerns about reliance on outdated science.

Despite the evidence FSANZ remains adamant that the old science behind the current Australian NZ Food Standard is correct and challenged us to prove otherwise.

We’re not ones to back away from a challenge so will now spend the next few weeks working with an expert group to collate the overwhelming global scientific research to demonstrate the need to include those lower levels of CHO based drinks into the standard.

We think this issue is an important one for our politicians to understand as well, so in the coming months we will be inviting key Ministers to meet with us and some of our elite athletes and scientists to better understand why high level sugar and hydration drinks no longer have a place in Australia or New Zealand.

Help and support healthy eating by joining this petition and letting society know that the outdated regulations of the FSANZ could potentially negatively effect thousands of Australian and New Zealand citizens, and deprive them of a product they love!

What SOS users say on our Facebook page

  • "I use SOS religiously because IT WORKS. I’ll stick by SOS. #saynotomoresugar"
  • "what a world we live in where the NZ government wants MORE sugar in a drink lol"
  • "This is crazy. I choose SOS because it isn’t sickly sweet and overloaded with sugar."
  • "Why would you add more sugar to something that is perfectly balanced? It’s one of the very few I’ve tried that doesn’t leave you feeling worse from the extra sugary taste!! And it’s one of two that doesn’t cause the ol run to the loo effect after also..... Leave SOS the heck alone!!"

In a society where obesity is such a big problem, the last thing we need is more sugar in our hydration drinks. If more sugar is added, we might discover in the future that our sports fields are a little emptier, and the hospitals are a little fuller.

Help make a change and enter this petition to show the world our health is important.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!