Austin police chief Brian Manley must be removed for instigating violence at protests

Austin police chief Brian Manley must be removed for instigating violence at protests

June 1, 2020
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Started by Lindsay LaGrange

We demand that Austin Mayor Steve Adler, City Manager Spencer Cronk, and Austin City Council Members remove Austin Police Chief Brian Manley after a brutal weekend of police violence. We also demand immediate implementation of training reforms about de-escalation.

This is mandatory for our city to begin healing so that we can slowly rebuild the trust that was destroyed between community members and APD during local protests. 

Peaceful protesters were fired upon at random by APD throughout the May 30 weekend protests. One 20 year old man was shot in the head by an officer after a nearby man supposedly threw something at an officer. He is currently in critical condition. Civilian medics were told by APD to carry the unresponsive man over to APD for assistance. As the medics did what they were told, APD fired upon them. The head medic was shot in the hand from 3' away and was hospitalized.

Brad Levi Ayala, 16, was also shot in the head by Officer Gebhart while watching the protest from afar and suffered a traumatic brain injury requiring emergency brain surgery.

Hundreds of peaceful protesters holding signs were tear gassed and shot by APD including a pregnant woman. 

Brian Manley said tonight that "This is not what we set out to do" after equipping his officers with tear gas, mace, riot gear, bean bag projectiles, and rubber bullets during the weekend's protests. 

Mike Ramos was murdered by APD on April 24, 2020. The officer who shot Mike has not been arrested, fired, or suspended. 

We require justice and action from Austin city officials in order to begin healing the wounds (physical and emotional) that these events have caused to Austin citizens. 

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Signatures: 92,690Next Goal: 150,000
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Decision Makers

  • Steve Adler
  • Steve AdlerMayor of Austin
  • Spencer CronkAustin City Manger
  • Gregorio CasarDistrict 4 council member
  • Sabino RenteriaDistrict 3 Council Member