Nature Reserve torn apart by developer destroying Ancient Hedgerow and destroying habitat

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Don’t just view the petition sign and share our Nature is at risk if we don’t make a stand . 

A developer has removed approximately 175 metres of ancient hedgerow This hedgerow was habitat for a legally protected species, the dormouse. And the water vole The developer has also removed an earth bund which the hedge was planted on. None of this action was taken with the prior knowledge or approval of the Council.

we want to know why no action was taken by Colchester borough council when the issue was first raised on the 10th September 2019. 
and why did it take a till November when work was complete to order all work to stop . 

we would like  answers as to why this work was carried out who sanctioned the work . Why is there no application who signed this work off And what they hoped to a achieve by doing this work . 

we want a prosecution and a fine that reflects the damage caused and the suffering and loss of wildlife . 

we want the area returned to its original state  To have  the hedgerow replanted And a long term management plan drawn up and a charter to make sure this doesn’t happen again . We want Colchester borough council to  give better protection to salary brook and to give this area the country park status it said it would