We demand justice for Ali Ulvi and Aysin Büyüknohutçu: Instigators must be punished!

We demand justice for Ali Ulvi and Aysin Büyüknohutçu: Instigators must be punished!

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I'm Emine Büyüknohutçu.

My sisters and I lost our parents Ali Ulvi and Aysin Büyüknohutçu, 4 years ago, in a brutal murder. The murder of our parents, who were killed in Phoenicia for fighting to defend nature against quarries, is still unsolved. 

Our mourning is still very fresh. The pain of our loss is doubled by to the fact that justice has not been served for all these years, and every year that the instigator of the murder is not caught, this pain increases exponentially.  

Our parents were the sound of cedar trees and Toros mountains. I started this petition to seek justice for our parents, who have always raised us with a love of nature. 

Although the killer who killed our parents admitted that he did it for money, that he was a contract killer, and gave the name of the instigator, the decision was made not to pursue the instigators. The hit man was found dead in the prison where he was staying. 

I have never given up, and will never give up, despite the threats I have received in my quest for justice. 

The fight of our parents against stone mining quarries in Turkey with the local residents and environmental platforms, and the events that followed highlights the importance of the ongoing struggle of the ecology, habitat, and natural areas once more and shows the danger that the individual environmentalists are facing.

Your signature will be a huge contribution to ensuring justice!

Below are the details of what our parents Ali Ulvi and Aysin Büyüknohutçu fought for, what truth they defended, what happened in the process. Thank you to everyone who took the time, read it, signed it. 

Ali Ulvi and Aysin Büyüknohutçu, in 2013, publicized the Cedar & Tar forests, endemic plant and animal species, the irreversible damage to agriculture and human health caused by marble quarries in Finike only in that region. Together with the local people, they tried to strengthen the struggle. Thanks to the struggle, the Public Prosecutor's office of Phoenicia launched an investigation into the destruction of natural space caused by marble quarries. 

As a result of their lawsuit, they managed to get a decision to close a marble quarry in the area. This marble quarry also lost a lawsuit against our parents for 100 thousand TL, and the case file won became a precedent for closing all other quarries in the region.

On 5 May 2017, at around 02:00 midnight, the fire broke out in a wooded area just outside their home where they were fighting. Ali Ulvi Büyüknohutçu said on social media, "we are back from the brink of a great disaster!" they were able to put out the fire on the edge of the farm," he wrote.

Immediately after the fire, on May 9, 2017, our father and mother Ali Ulvi and Aysin Büyüknohutçu were found dead in their home where they were fighting. Ali Yamuç, who had moved to the area only 15 days earlier, was detained and arrested three days later. In his prison testimony, he confessed to the murder, saying he did it “for the money.” "Your ropes are in your pocket, “he said, explaining the name of his perseverant in another letter he wrote from prison, telling him to hand over the rest of the money offered to him to commit these murders to his wife Fatma Yamuç.  A week later, Fatma Yamuç, the wife of the murderer Ali Yamuç, was arrested on charges of involvement in the murder. 

In the letter found on it, written in the name of Ali Yamuch and again signed by him, it said: “make the payment you promised me. What are you waiting for when you make promises that ‘we'll kill you right now’? I'll see you if I don't have any money in 10 days. Be aware that your ropes are in your pocket."

After that, he was transferred to Alanya L-Type Prison, which was safer by asking for his transfer because there was no life security in the Elmalı prison where he stayed.

On 20 September 2017, Ali Yamuç was found dead in Alanya L type closed prison. According to the report prepared by the Alanya prosecutor's office, Ali Yamuc hanged himself with a tracksuit tire on the ventilation window in the bathroom of the ward where he was staying. Yamuç took many answers with him as he lost his life.

Fatma Yamuç, the wife of suspected murderer Ali Yamuç, was acquitted of “aiding murder” at the Elmalı High Criminal Court, where she was tried. Our case is now in the Supreme Court. The court also decided to press charges against the attackers, based on a witness in the file, based on Ali Yamuch's meeting with a person in a black Jeep who was allegedly interviewed before the day of the incident. Based on this, The Phoenician Public Prosecutor's office was notified to deepen the investigation.

Unfortunately, the investigation has not been renewed and a decision has been made not to follow up from the point of view of the insiders. This decision was also appealed.

We believe that the murders were covered up by incomplete investigation from the beginning, and that who was behind them was not revealed. The investigation must therefore be reopened.

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