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We demand Congressional hearings on national police corruption & violence

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It is troubling to hear that military veteran Christopher Jordan Dorner was executed in a cabin fire regardless of his alleged crimes. It appears that the Los Angeles Police Department and other supporting agencies made good upon shoot to kill orders and we want to know who gave the order to set fire to a cabin Dorner was allegedly holed up in surrounded by law enforcement officers..

The LAPD in its quest to kill Christopher Dorner, shot at least two innocent bystanders and shot up the vehicle of a third victim. The victims looked nothing like Dorner, two Hispanic women and one white male. One truck the victims were passengers in was metallic blue and the other victim, a white male was traveling in a black truck. Lawyers representing two of the victims state that they were never given a chance to give themselves up. Stray bullets in the residential neighborhood where the two women were delivering morning newspapers hit several homes and cars and fortunately, no one else was injured.

The allegations of racism, antisemitism, brutality and corruption at the highest levels of the LAPD made by Christopher Jordan Dorner in his press statement deserved to see the light day and still can through Congressional hearings. Several former officers have come forward confirming allegations made in Dorner’s “Letter to America”.

We the people demand a Congressional investigation and public hearings on the issue of National Police Violence & Corruption and call for a US Justice Department investigation into whether or not Christopher Dorner's constitutional rights were violated when San Bernardino Sherriff deputies reportedly burned him alive in a cabin.

We call on the President of the United States and Congress to lead during this national crisis only highlighted by the events concerning Christopher Dorner.

We demand and deserve full transparency from the US government concerning these matters and public hearings to commence as soon as possible.

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