We demand better services for adults with physical disabilities in Manitoba

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1. Complaints have been filed with the Manitoba Human Rights Commission on behalf of Tyson Sylvester and Amelia (Amy) Hampton, who are young adults with physical disabilities.

2. Before graduating from high school or turning 18 years old, young persons like Tyson and Amy enjoy a suite of supports that foster their social inclusion. These supports make it possible to be with friends, work, volunteer, go to school and participate in social events.

3. After graduating from high school or turning 18 years old, these young people are locked out of these services. They abruptly lose access to equipment, one-on-one supports, clinical and therapeutic assistance and transportation. This is a systematic failure.

4. The loss of necessary services makes it impossible for adults with severe physical disabilities to engage in activities as they previously did, and this effectively excludes them from society. In the absence of equality of opportunity with all other individuals, Manitoba cannot achieve its objective of being the “most improved province in Canada.”