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We Demand An Immediate Passage Of Bill H.R. 4213 Extension Of Unemployment Benefits


We as Citizens Of the United States Have Had Enough Of Politics as Usual in Washington. We are now Taking Back our Power as The People For The People. We Will No longer Be Held Hostage By The Senate And Congress. We Demand Our Voices Be Heard! The Time To Act Is NOW!!

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Senator Chris Murphy
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Senator Angus King
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Senator Deb Fischer

July 22, 2010

Greetings All Participants,

I would like to Thank each and every one of You for Making this Happen.

If it had not been for all of you this Bill would not have passed into Law.

I want to Congratulate Each and everyone on a Victory well fought! This was a long and Tedious uphill battle, but we can all finally say VICTORY!!

I wish each of you find Jobs and return to your normal lives as usual. May all of you continue to be exceptional members of our American society.

If it were not for you and the tireless efforts of many many more we could not have made this happen!!

Thank you all again and Congratulations on our Victory!

Gratitude and Blessings,

Mark Boone

With 12 Democrats joining a unanimous Republican bloc, the US Senate voted Wednesday (6/16/2010) to defeat a proposed extension of unemployment benefits for workers who have been jobless for nearly two years. The bill would have extended unemployment benefits for those out of work more than six months, until November 30. The result is that a Congress that rushed through a $700 billion bailout of Wall Street in October 2008 in a matter of days, and authorized a further financial windfall to the banks and speculators five months later, cannot bring itself to support even the most meager subsistence for the unemployed workers who are the victims, not the perpetrators, of the economic crisis.

While the White House and Congress wrangle over the smallest of subsistence measures for the jobless, neither party nor the corporate elite as a whole propose to do anything to provide jobs for the unemployed. The Wall Street Journal reported last week that American corporations have increased their cash reserves to $1.84 trillion, the highest figure in history. In other words, big business and the banks, after an unprecedented bailout by the public treasury, are hoarding the funds that could put millions back to work. The cash reserves of major corporations have jumped 26 percent in one year, the largest percentage increase in nearly 60 years. The cash reserves of working people, and particularly the unemployed, have not been so fortunate.

The Unemployment Insurance (UI) program helps counter economic fluctuations. When the economy grows, UI program revenue rises through increased tax revenues while UI program spending falls as fewer workers are unemployed. The effect of collecting more taxes than are spent dampens demand in the economy. This also creates a surplus of funds or a "cushion" of available funds for the UI program to draw upon during a recession. In a recession, UI tax revenue falls and UI program spending rises as more workers lose their jobs and receive UI benefits. The increased amount of UI payments to unemployed workers puts additional funds into the economy and dampens the effect of earnings losses.

I consider this entire process to have been a classic "pork barrel" sham and a savage betrayal to the American people by the very ones who failed to protect them against the economic failures that promoted the current financial crisis in the first place. And regardless of political party affiliation, I will automatically vote "out" ANY elected official within my district who voted against HR-4213 or stood "silent" against this repugnant move toward corporate fascism.

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