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We DEMAND a total overhaul of the dog shelter system in Poland!!

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The facility in Wojtyszki (district Sieradz) was established in 2004 for the purpose of 3000 dogs - the largest such facility in Poland, located in a secluded place. This 6-hectare (approx. 15 acres) property is surrounded by walls, under constant surveillance cameras, without the possibility of access by unauthorized persons.

The dogs come to Wojtyszki from more than 100 municipalities which have signed the contract with Longin Siemiński for the care of homeless animals. Municipalities pay a daily rate for looking after the dogs (ranging from 5 to 8 PLN per day). This state of affairs leads to the situation in which the dogs are kept alive, while reducing costs of keeping them for the shelter in the same time.The staff supervising animals uses whips to hit the animals with when it comes to clashes between them. It is no secret that most of the "employees" in Wojtyszki are homeless people, with alcohol problems, working for "room and board", often after serving a prison sentence or sought by law enforcement officers. So far the inspections and controls showed no infringements, against logics and facts - animal protection organizations have been pointing out at the dramatic conditions of housing and breaches in the documentation for years. Even with the far-reaching faithfulness, it is hard to avoid the suspicion that the Sieradz District Veterinary Inspectorate and Provincial Veterinary Inspectorate in Lodz are interested in the existence of the shelter in Wojtyszki in its current form. Motives for this lack of action are absolutely impossible for us to understand, especially since the Veterinary Inspection shall exercise the statutory supervision of the Animal Protection Act.
Our main complaints are as follows:

• extremely unprofessional supervision of Veterinary Inspection, which is at variance with the provisions of the Animals Protection Act;
• dogs have been implanted with more than one microchip, each one with a different number. Micro-chipped dogs are not registered in the database, which contributes to a situation in which several municipalities pay for the same dog;
• documents show that dogs are subjected to sterilization and castration - while verification of the facts do not confirm that statement;
• number of dogs, according to the information from municipalities is different from the data obtained from the Veterinary Inspection. There is no possibility to compare any information with the facts, because the owner does not agree to this kind of verification by officials from both sides, neither municipal officials who pay the costs, nor pro-animal organizations. He also refuses any partaking by the media representatives;
• poor physical and mental condition of the dogs staying at the facility - at first glance, dogs seem to be in good condition (good weight), but unfortunately the more detailed check-ups show they suffer from vitamin deficiency, untreated diseases such as skin and ear infections, tumours, orthopedic disorders, the vast majority of them have scars after biting;
• incompatible way of keeping dogs with their physical and emotional needs as species - too large herds, lack of shelter, lack of environmental enrichment, abuse of dogs by hitting them with whips by employees;
• difficulties in adopting dogs by pro-animal organizations and individuals;
• lack of control over the shelter by municipalities and investing public money outside their administration activity area, creating jobs outside the municipality.




.Dogs at Chrcynno are so hungry they are eating eachother...Dogs have been killed during shooting events there....all the dogs must be traumatized by these events...


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