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Leaders in the Senate from both sides of the aisle have come together to form a Gang of Eight, committed to fixing our broken immigration system. This Gang of Eight is a critical force in the fight for reform, but their progress is being held up by politics as usual in Washington.

Although the Gang of Eight’s plan includes a path to citizenship, it is dependent upon the precondition of “securing the borders” – despite study after study proving that our border security has never been stronger. Immigrant families could wait years – even decades – before this arbitrary measure is met. Now, it’s time for the Gang of Eight to use their power to overcome partisan politics and make reform a reality.

We call on the Senators making up the Gang of Eight to put forward an immigration reform bill right away, and to include a fair and attainable path to citizenship for 11 million immigrants that is not conditioned on enforcement triggers that could be politicized in a way that delays citizenship.

Letter to
Senator John McCain
Senator Jeff Flake
Senator Dick Durbin
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Senator Robert Menendez
Senator Charles Schumer
Senator Lindsey Graham
Senator Michael Bennet
Senator Marco Rubio
We call on you to show true leadership and put forth a bill that places a reasonable path to full citizenship, free of undue delays, at the heart of any immigration reform legislation.

The time for debate is over. During this critical moment in the fight for immigration reform, leaders in Congress on both sides of the aisle are weighing in on plans for legislation -- but true reform is not complete unless it allows for those living in the shadows to come forward and take part in full citizenship in our nation.

While we wait for a bill, communities continue to suffer from deportations and family separation. It’s time to end the suffering, and ensure that our country’s values of justice and dignity for all win the debate.

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