We demand a FULL inquiry into ALL child abuse

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Sign this petition to demand the new government stop the cover-up over child abuse, and hold a full Royal Commission of Inquiry, into ALL institutions, including all churches and faiths.

And not just "historic" cases, existing 'modern' cases, right up to today. 

We, the undersigned, support the existing Human Rights Commission petition - but say it does not go anywhere near far enough.

In fact, by focusing just on “state” failure, we fear the HRC petition may help cover up - child abuse by denying testimony from victims of other institutions.

Private schools, sports clubs, youth groups and, most importantly, churches must all also answer to a full Royal Commission of Inquiry.

We demand that the Jacinda Adern coalition step onto the right side of history and urgently address ALL child abuse.


New Zealanders suffer the first-world’s worst rate of teen suicide, amidst an “epidemic” of self-harm and other mental health problems; fuelled by poverty, inequality, bad housing and failing physical health.

Like many, we have "lost faith" in the impact of the confidential compensation service for victims of child abuse - and which is now closed anyway.

Few, if any, have been prosecuted.

To be specific, we believe there are four major gaps in the HRC petition, and call for these gaps to be closed under the following provisions:

  1. Changing the petition to explicitly call for a Royal Commission of Inquiry.
  2. Making the petition timeframe open-ended, not closed to some decades only.
  3. Amending the petition to include churches, private schools, sports clubs youth groups, and all other institutions outside of “state” institutions.
  4. Require the Royal Commission of Inquiry into Child Abuse in New Zealand to recommend, among other issues, how to set up a permanent office to handle compensation claims and offers.

We, the undersigned, urge fellow New Zealanders to help stop the cover-up and in turn urge government to follow the lead of world partners such as Australia, the UK, Ireland, and Scandinavia and apply planetary best practice to any such inquiry.

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