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We declare! Let's plan and build greener, healthier, more beautiful communities.

Beautiful healthy communities include living systems - green roofs and green walls, urban forests, engineered wetlands, meadowlands, and rain gardens. And living green infrastructure provides many additional benefits such as water management, climate change mitigation and adaptation, air quality improvement and the potential for ongoing local employment.

Please send the petition letter below to signal your support of living green infrastructure.

Together we will deliver a unified message of our collective support of living green infrastructure to policy makers, planners and developers in markets across North America. 

You can read the complete Living Green Infrastructure Declaration here:

Learn more at the Grey to Green Infrastructure Conference May 21st at the Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto.  For more information, and to register, visit

Letter to
Green Roofs for Healthy Cities Living Green Infrastructure Advocates
I support the Living Green Infrastructure Declaration and the planning, development and implementation of living green infrastructure and systems in my community.

I encourage planners, developers and governments to understand the business case for living green infrastructure, which will benefit communities across North America.

I add my name to the list of supporters of living green infrastructure for the creation of healthy and sustainable communities.

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