Stop pollution, waste & sham products with this simple, clever lifecycle label.

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Have you noticed your appliances now break sooner than ever? It’s true! Boilers that used to last 23 years now last around 13! Washing machines, dishwashers, toasters, and blenders are all breaking sooner too.

This is terrible for three reasons:

Families must rebuy, forcing them to spend money they might not have.

Our landfills are overflowing with appliances that can’t or won’t be recycled.

The excessive waste, pollution, and CO2 from making new appliances is devastating our planet.

There is a simple solution!

We are calling for a law to ensure all manufacturers put a standard label on their appliances stating how long they expect the product to last under normal usage. It will be like an energy label but for longevity.

After consulting with experts in product longevity, we have devised the simplest way that this law would work. The manufacturer can choose the length of time shown on the label (minimum 2 years), but the manufacturer must also take responsibility for the repair of the product if it breaks within the time they choose.

By clearly showing in a standard way the time manufacturers expect the product to last, we the shoppers can get a clear idea of which products are the best value over time.

Imagine going into a shop and seeing 2 years, 5 years or 10 years printed clearly on a toaster. Or 1000 washes, 2000 washes or 15,000 washes printed on a washing machine. We deserve this clarity of choice.

When standard energy labels were put on the appliances, people bought more efficient models and companies started to make more efficient models. This can work with longevity too!

This law will encourage companies to compete on quality again, rather than purely on price, making it good for businesses as well as the shopper and the environment.

The way products are made right now assumes that the planet has endless materials and can take an endless amount of pollution. This has to change and must change as soon as possible.  

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