Improve the transition process for military veterans by creating Transition Units!

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My name is Cornelius J. Maxwell, and I'm a US Army veteran who served 3 combat tours during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Also, I'm the creator of the Transition Units Theory.

As soldiers we have vowed an oath to defend our nation against all enemies. The enemy named veteran suicide rates, PTSD, homelessness, unemployment, and the lack of veterans acquiring earned benefits are some of our enemies that are defeating our nation. 

By applying Transition Units to military posts as a nation we provide veterans with the opportunity to network and make connections, get mental help without punitive action, intern for jobs, and acclimate into a routine for civilian life. 

The concept behind the Transition Units Theory is to take servicemembers out of the military units to prepare for a life in the civilian world similiar to the way we take these men and women out of the civilian population into Basic Training Boot Camps. 

At the moment Cornelius J. Maxwell have given speeches, done podcasts, and is in the process of creating the Transition Units Theory Bill which has the potential of saving nearly 2 MILLION transitioning veterans over the course of 10 years. 

Veterans risk taking the ultimate sacrifice for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, so as a nation let's risk a moment of our time to sign this petition in support of the Transition Units Theory Bill by OIF veteran Cornelius J. Maxwell.