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We Can Do Better for Haiti: Demand Transparency and Improved Aid Distribution

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The world responded generously to Haiti's earthquake, immediately donating over $2.5 billion, with another $1.2 billion pledged, even before the March 31 UN Donor's Conference. This works out to over $1,000 per earthquake victim. But over two months later, hundreds of thousands of Haiti's earthquake victims live without waterproof shelter, eat once a day or less, and do not receive adequate medical care.

As of March 24, the UN estimates that over 330,000 people needing shelter had not received any shelter materials. For over 75% of the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) who do receive help, "shelter materials" means tarps, not waterproof tents; Nearly half of the respondents in a late February survey of IDP camps reported having received no food aid (Neglect in the Encampments: Haiti's Second Wave Disaster, Mar. 23, 2010); and Earthquake victims complain that they have not been consulted regarding earthquake response planning or execution.


For two compelling videos showing conditions in the IDP camps, see

The governments and NGOs entrusted with the world's generosity need to respond more efficiently and effectively to Haiti's earthquake. This means better coordination among aid providers, more transparency about where and how they are spending our money, and more participation of earthquake victims in the planning and execution of earthquake response projects.

Please sign the petition below to let those who have received your charitable contributions and tax money know that you still care enough about Haiti to watch where your money is going (people and organizations were chosen to represent a cross-section of those working on earthquake response in Haiti. We don't mean to imply that those chosen are particularly responsible for the aid failures. Everybody responding to the earthquake needs to do better).

This petition was delivered to:
  • Administrator, U.S. Agency for International Development
    Dr. Rajiv Shah
  • President and CEO Chemonics International
    Richard Dreiman
  • President, World Vision U.S.
    Richard Stearns
  • President, International Committee of the Red Cross
    Jakob Kellenberger
  • Executive Director, World Food Programme
    Josette Sheeran
  • Director General, Agence Française de Développement
    Jean-Michel Severino
  • Secretary of State for International Development, UK
    Douglas Alexander, MP
  • Minister of International Cooperation, Canada
    The Honorable Beverly J. Oda
  • UN Special Envoy to Haiti
    Hon. William Jefferson Clinton
  • President and CEO, American Refugee Committee
    Daniel Wordsworth

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