Westminster must investigate evidence of MPs raping children

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Westminster must investigate evidence of MPs raping children

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Survivors of child sexual abuse started this petition to Kathryn Stone OBE (Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards) and


1.1              We call on the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards to direct the Conservative party, Labour party and Liberal Democrats to launch investigations into allegations that MPs and peers from said parties raped and assaulted children throughout the 1980s and 1990s, and conspired to help others to do so: including Sir Peter Bottomley MP, Sir Edward Leigh MP, the Rt Hon Julian Lewis MP, the Rt Hon Michael Portillo, the Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke MP, the Rt Hon Dame Margaret Hodge DBE MP, the Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP, the Rt Hon Peter Lilley, Edwina Currie, Harvey Proctor, the Rt Hon The Lord Steel of Aikwood, the Rt Hon The Lord Lexden OBE, Dame Shirley Porter DBE, the Rt Hon The Lord Boateng PC, Lady Boateng and many others.

1.2              Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat MPs and peers are widely named by child abuse survivors and contemporary witnesses whose individual testimonies mutually corroborate. Moreover, many of the MPs and peers whom child abuse survivors and witnesses identify are still alive; some continue to sit in Parliament, the serious misconduct and crimes in which they are implicated covered up and buried.

1.3              The ongoing Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) and police investigations are essential and long overdue. Notwithstanding the IICSA and police inquiries, the Conservative party, Labour party and Liberal Democrats must be compelled to carry out their own investigations into misconduct without further undue delay.

1.4              These should seek out and analyse internal party files; historical complaints by party activists, whistleblowers and employees; and the private records and memories of MPs and peers (deceased, retired and still-serving). Absent proactive and exhaustive investigations by Government and the main parties in Westminster, the IICSA and crime agencies may be unable to discover and consult these crucial sources for evidence of serious misconduct and crimes long buried. 


2.1              In a series of investigative news reports in the 1990s, several MPs and peers were averred to be serial child abusers. Their alleged misconduct and crimes were committed against minors occupying, or recently exited from, children's homes around the British Isles.

 2.2              The reports indicate that certain MPs, peers and others colluded and collaborated in the coordination, planning and covering up of organised abuse episodes. Further, that MPs and peers were present at and took part in said abuse episodes.

 2.3              Of the parliamentarians repeatedly implicated in premeditated/organised assaults on children, several continue to hold positions in Government, Her Majesty's Opposition, the House of Lords and local government in the capital. Many remain members - ostensibly in good standing - of the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat parties.

 2.4              In the reams of newsprint devoted to the subject of Establishment paedophilia post Jimmy Savile, many of the 'hotspots' of organised paedophile abuse linked to parliamentarians have come into focus.

Hotspot 1:   Islington children's homes in the 1980s under the oversight of Margaret Hodge, assisted by Keith Vaz as senior solicitor during the period 1982-1985;

Hotspot 2:   Richmond upon Thames children's homes in the same period, similarly benefiting from the services of in-house solicitor Keith Vaz in 1982 before he transferred to Islington Council (Margaret Hodge);

Hotspot 3:   Westminster City Council real estate in the same period under the oversight of Shirley Porter, whose Tory councillors allegedly took part in 'paedophile parties' at Westminster City Council-owned Dolphin Square. Tory parliamentarians, apparatchiks and lobbyists were also involved in these, according to child abuse survivors. Moreover, there was alleged trafficking of children to Central London from Clwyd and Gwynedd children's homes (see below).

Hotspot 4:   Lambeth Borough Council children's homes during the same period under the oversight of Janet Boateng, wife of Labour's Paul Boateng - the former minister whom police recently sought to question over his links to former Lambeth Council children's home manager and convicted paedophile Michael John Carroll;

Hotspot 5:   Wales' Clwyd and Gwynedd children's homes, where Conservatives with links to prime minister Margaret Thatcher and Westminster Council's Dolphin Square reportedly preyed upon the vulnerable residents, trafficking some to child 'prostitution' [rape] in London (see above) and elsewhere;

Hotspot 6:   Belfast's Kincora Boys' School, also known to have been frequented by paedophile Conservative and Unionist politicians;

Hotspot 7:  The Channel Islands, to whose notorious Haut de la Garenne children's home it has been reported that local authorities including Birmingham and possibly Islington (Margaret Hodge) sent children in care. Many children at Haut de la Garenne were assaulted, raped or went missing.

 2.5              The names of the aforementioned Labour politicians (Margaret Hodge, Keith Vaz, Paul Boateng, Janet Boateng) are not cited in the 1990s investigative news reports. Yet, these Labour politicians almost certainly have important information that an investigation by the Labour party would need to analyse.

2.6              The 1990s reports do name and implicate several prominent Conservative parliamentarians . They are:

i. Sir Peter Bottomley MP

Sir Edward Leigh MP

Dr Julian Lewis MP

Peter Lilley MP (report I) (report II: a survivor's testimony implicates Lilley in the cover-up of a separate abuse ring in Herts

Lord Alistair Cooke

Kenneth Clarke MP, while not implicated by the 1990s reports, could have valuable information given recent statements by a child abuse survivor.

ii. Cllr Robert Davis (Conservative on Westminster City Council)

iii. Conservative activists and/or possible Conservative party members:

(David) Russell Walters (who was recently employed in the Mayor of London's office during the Boris Johnson administration)

Tony Kerpel MBE

Derek Laud (lobbyist, former Parliamentary candidate, and one-time personal friend of former prime minister David Cameron and his wife Samantha)

iv. Retired Conservative parliamentarians - now in some cases local minor celebrities or famous television faces :

Michael Portillo (report and letter)

Robert George Banks

Michael Russell Brown

Harry Greenway

David John Nicholson

Edwina Currie, while not implicated by the 1990s reports, could have valuable information, given her comments regarding the late Peter Morrison and recent statements by a child abuse survivor.

Harvey Proctor, while not implicated by the 1990s reports, could have valuable information given a Daily Mail item.

v. Former Westminster councillors:

Dame Shirley Porter

Peter Martindale

Robert John Moreland

Alex Segal

Miles Young

Alan Bradley, the retired Westminster councillor and Lord Mayor of Westminster, while not directly implicated by the 1990s reports, could have valuable information given a Daily Express item.

vi. Turning to the Liberal Democrats:

David (now Lord) Steel (report)

2.7              In order to review the early 1990s investigative news articles which set out specific allegations against the above parliamentarians and others, please visit http://pdfsr.com/pdf/the-child-abuse-investigations

2.8              Supplementary information can be viewed at pdfsr.com/pdf/who-is-murdering-britain-s-children

3.0            We call on the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards to instruct the Government, the Labour party and the Liberal Democrats to launch investigations forthwith into evidence that MPs and peers assaulted and raped children or conspired to help others to do so during the administrations of John Major and Margaret Thatcher.

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