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We believe in Momentum

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We believe in Momentum.

We believe the passion that Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership campaign ignited must be encouraged and built upon. We believe that despite the challenges of the first year, Momentum is the only organisation that can do this.

This means that Momentum must be the organisation its members and supporters need. We want Momentum to give its members and groups support to truly help the Labour Party become the open, participatory party that will win elections. Momentum must utilise the enthusiasm of new, renewed and revitalised Labour Party members to support Jeremy Corbyn’s policies by making Labour active in every community.

This means Momentum must be outward facing, grassroots, bottom-up and pluralistic. We want an organisation that feels vibrant, radical and empowering.

We believe in maximum autonomy and agency for local groups to choose the activities they feel are most relevant to their area. The energy and resources of Momentum should be directed towards supporting members and local groups to become more organised, giving access to resources and training, and carrying Momentum’s energy and values into the Labour Party and their communities.

We have real concerns about recent developments in Momentum:

  1. We do not want to be setting up a mirror organisation to the Labour Party. We exist to complement the Labour Party - and not to rival it. We do not want parallel structures, and do not want to replicate every left-wing organisation which has sought to set themselves up against Labour. We want structures which suit the real aims of Momentum and make Labour stronger, not weaker.
  2. Momentum should be making politics accessible to everyone and not excluding anyone who can’t be in the room. Disabled people, those with caring responsibilities, those living in remote areas, shift workers, those with less money should not be shut out of decision making.
  3. Momentum seems to be shifting to a model where all power lies in delegate structures. We feel that these structures will not help Momentum achieve its aims. It’s a model which will bind local groups to national policy positions. It will draw our members’ time and the organisation’s limited resources towards internal differences when we should be using them to grow numbers and influence.

We simply do not have the time to waste.

The far right is on the rise in the UK, US and Europe and Theresa May’s shambolic Brexit is around the corner. Hate crime is rising and wages are falling. Living standards are plummeting, debt is increasing and our NHS is on the brink of collapse. A General Election may be called at any moment and Labour is currently polling at 25%.

We call on Momentum members and supporters to sign up to this statement and reassert the true aims and values of our organisation. Momentum must directly consult all of its members on its future and give them the option to choose this vision.

Please sign this open letter if you share this vision for Momentum!


Signed by:

Matteo Tiratelli - Chair of Momentum Youth and Students London

Nathan Phillips - Brighton & Hove Momentum; Regional Organiser (Yorkshire and the Humber) Jeremy Corbyn campaign 2015 & 2016

Joe Riches - Regional Organiser (Yorkshire and the Humber) Jeremy Corbyn campaign 2015 & 2016; Hull and East Riding Momentum

Martin Munear - Momentum National Committee, Momentum East Cornwall; Regional coordinator (South West) for Jeremy Corbyn's campaign 2015 & 2016

David Braniff-Herbert - Momentum National Committee, LGBT+

Mick Archer - Momentum North Birmingham; Political Education officer Birmingham Perry Barr CLP

Jeremy Gilbert - Momentum National Committee

Lotte Bouhelma - Momentum National Committee, Youth and Students; Oxford Momentum

Huda Elmi - Momentum National Committee, BAME

James Elliott - Lambeth Momentum; Labour Party National Policy Forum

Simon Mohun - Momentum Camden

Josh Petzoldt - Momentum Camden

Michael Muir - Scottish Young Labour Socialists (Momentum)

Dan Iley Williamson - Labour Cllr for Hollywell Ward; Momentum Oxford

Laura Murray - Momentum National Committee; Momentum Camden

Elly Baker - Momentum National Committee, London Region; Barking CLP

Ali Dogan - Momentum Hackney

Bonnie Ash - Momentum Sutton

Vic Paulino - Momentum Sutton

Aydin Dikerdem - Labour Cllr for Queenstown Ward; Momentum Wandsworth

Dorinda Duncan - Momentum Greenwich

Michael Walker - Lambeth Momentum

Rohi Malik - National Committee, North West; Manchester and Trafford Momentum

Angus Bugg-Millar - Manchester and Trafford Momentum

Sarah Weston - Manchester and Trafford Momentum

Elizabeth Hayden - Merseyside Momentum

Tariq Persaud Parkes - Momentum Hastings

Simon Thorpe - Southwark Momentum

Roger O'Doherty - Momentum Calderdale

Jack Witek - Plymouth Momentum

Jamie Driscoll - Momentum Tyne & Wear

Lewis Bassett - Momentum Dulwich and West Norwood

Charlie Clarke - Momentum Hackney

Sam Green - Momentum Dulwich and West Norwood

Elliot Dugdale - Momentum Southwark

Jen Morgan - Rochdale, Heywood and Middleton Momentum; Heywood and Middleton CLP

Patrick Smith - Hull & East Yorkshire Momentum; Secretary of Hull North CLP

Jill Rowe - Momentum Calderdale; Halifax CLP

John Taylor - Teeside Momentum

Dan Fahey - Momentum Dulwich and West Norwood

Jason Pritchard - Momentum City of London

Puru Miah - Momentum Tower Hamlets

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