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We ask the European Parliament a European Program . In support of the Rights and Protection of Animals, Creating Sanctuaries


W e ask the European Parliament  .We demand  a European program . In support of the Rights and Protection of Animals, Creating Sanctuaries
Funded. in the long term. A program that gives the possibility in all regions of Europe. Projects to Create. With the support of the association, institutions, organized movements, citizens. campaigns for animal rights. fund projects for 'of sanctuaries for the protection of animals in all regions d' Europe.Taking care of the environment and animals. should be a fundamental objective of the coming decades. whether we are to have any hope to put a healthy planet
This would mark an important step in human consciousness. based on the protection of the biosphere, the commitment to sustain other human beings and on the 'concern for the welfare of the creatures with whom we share the planet.
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