Stanford, Fully Mitigate Your Impacts

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We have ONE overall ask - "Full Mitigation.” Whatever Stanford builds, we want them to "fully mitigate” their impacts.

In the GUP, Stanford proposes to build housing (Quarry Road 550 rental units) and academic space (2 million plus sq. ft. academic and support facilities).

But whatever the build out ends up being - Stanford needs to “fully mitigate” the impact.

People can get lost in the weeds and numbers - how much housing, is the housing rental or leaseholder, how many students, how much academic space, etc.

Bottom line - wherever it ends up, Stanford has to fully mitigate any impact.

For schools, that means:
Annual payments for any unfunded students living in Stanford owned tax exempt rentals.
Sell us the land for a school for the new Quarry Road and existing Sand Hill students.
Mitigate the cost of building the school and adding Safe Routes to School.
Full mitigation!