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We are Market Basket

We are Market Basket.

We are the tens of thousands of employees, customers and vendors who make Market Basket a great place to work and shop.

We believe that the culture of this company has grown into what it is today thanks to the deeply rooted relationship between us and Arthur T. Demoulas

We know that Arthur T. Demoulas is the leader who works tirelessly for our growth as if we were family. Day in and day out he fights for us.

We fought for him and helped to Save Market Basket, but that was just round one. We understand that Arthur S. Demoulas will continue to look for ways to oust our CEO based on an agenda that is driven by spite and greed rather than job performance. We now must continue the battle by declaring that in order to keep Market Basket the wonderful organization it is, Arthur T. must stay, the "More for Your Dollar" business model must not be altered and we the people must continue to be heard!

Arthur S, do not underestimate the damage you will do to thousands of families if your corporate raid is successful...

We are Market Basket.

Please take the time to send a thoughtful, respectful email to the board members listed below and help them to understand just how important this issue is to you. We cannot let them think for a second that we have let our guard down on this matter.
Arthur S. Demoulas:
Gerry Levins:
Nabil El-Hage:
Ron Weiner:
Keith Cowan:

This petition was delivered to:
  • Ten Mountain Capital
    Arthur S. Demoulas
  • President, Perelson Weiner
    Ron Weiner
  • Consultant and Board Member
    Keith Cowan
  • Founder and Chairman, Academy of Executive Education, LLC
    Nabil El-Hage

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