Against the release of RHDV2 Rabbit Virus or any virus without proven Vaccines

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.  While we  understand the problems faced by farmers by feral rabbits  we feel that deliberately introducing viruses can be dangerous. RHDV2  was imported  along with 37 other strains  for testing to assess which would be the most suitable.  Unfortunately, various strains of RHDVa have already escaped and caused outbreaks in Australia, and now SINCE 2015  RHDV2 has spread and is killing HUNDREDS OF thousands of domestic rabbits since we have no effective vaccine for it, and RHDV2 is not species specific. WE NOW LEARN THAT AN APPLICATION TO FORMALLY USE AND RELEASE RHDV2 RECOMBINANT STRAINS IS GOING TO APPLIED FOR TO APVMA FOR APPROVAL>  Please help stop this bio-logical warfare on our domestic rabbits. There are other ways to control feral rabbits including IMMUNOCONTRACEPTION  etc.    Thankyou for signing and sharing.