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WCSD Head Lice Policy Must Change!

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Washoe County School District's Head Lice Policy currently allows children who have head lice to attend class and ride the school busses. There is no  rule stating that these children must go home and not return until the lice problem has been treated and/or resolved.

You may view the current WCSD Head Lice Policy here:

WCSD Head Lice Policy

Head lice is rampant in our local schools.  Some children are coming home with lice as often as once a month. When children come home with lice, they are exposing the lice to their families and friends, who then carry it to other classrooms, workplaces, and public places. Educating children not to share hair ties, hairbrushes, or hats, is not enough to prevent it.  Using preventative shampoo, sprays, and oils is not always enough either. It is imperative that Washoe County School District revises this policy. 

I was also told by a local teacher this year that if another child in your child's class have lice, they do not need to notify you, or ask you to check your child's hair.  Not knowing that your child has been exposed to head lice is ludicrous and unfair to both children and families.

In addition to this, the cost of head lice treatment can add up quickly.  Not to mention cost of preventative lice treatment is very costly.  Exposing our children to lice killing chemicals once a month can be harmful, and eventually create "superbugs"   that cannot be killed by store bought lice killing shampoo. Our family has spent hundreds of dollars in lice preventative treatment, as well as lice killing treatments, just this school year.

Although most view lice as harmless, it is important to note that they can harbor bacteria that cause infections. Children that are constantly scratching at their heads can also damage the skin and be at risk for infection.  In my opinion, I think the problem of "superbugs," as mentioned in the previous paragraph, is the scariest issue. Some of the head lice in Washoe County are already not responding to treatment.

It is very clear that our community is burning through these treatments, because they are so hard to find in stock in our local stores. 

Please sign this petition to let WCSD how much our community NEEDS this policy to be revised. Children should not be at school with lice, constantly exposing and re-exposing other children.   Once a child has been identified as having head lice, they should not return to school until treatment has begun. This is a common policy across the nation, and makes the most sense .

Even if you do not have contact with any of the children that attend a Washoe County School,  please consider signing this petition anyway. Try to think of all the places you go where a child has been. For example, a movie theater chair, a fitting room, public transportation, a restaurant booth... THIS AFFECTS ALL OF US!!


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