WCGA Re-Election and New Guidelines

WCGA Re-Election and New Guidelines

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Why this petition matters

Started by Jane Doe

Following the circumstances of the disqualification of Hoor Ul Ain, survivors, allies of survivors, and members of Westhampton College call for:

1) An immediate resignation from President Hu followed by a re-election for the WCGA President position.

2) A free, fair, transparent, and student run election.

3)The development of a joint mechanism that allows students of one college to vote out their abusers in the other college’s student government.

4)A true commitment to University values of free speech, in person, in writing, and in social media.

5) Members of both student governments should work towards excluding candidates with Title IX violations.

Here is the document explaining these demands. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EnT8oXi6PPi2Zls4xlueQp3-1dWn8JhOFmh9yRGnlkE/edit?usp=sharing

315 have signed. Let’s get to 500!